Taking Nicole by Krystal Shannan – 4 Stars

Taking Nicole (Vegas Mates, #4)


Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Book #4 in the Vegas Mates series

I own an e-copy of this book.

Book Synopsis:

The last thing Nicole Demakis remembers was getting in the car with Sarah’s kidnapper and driving away. Now she faces the cold hard truth. The kidnapper, an agent of the Council, is her mate. But he refuses to claim her, and the Council may take everything away before she even has a chance to convince him to trust her.

Aaron Katsaros was ordered to deliver Nicole to her grandparents, the Antipas royal wolves. It should’ve been an easy task. Clean. No hiccups. But this infuriating woman, this wolf, his mate…is one hiccup after another and she’s arousing him to the point of pain. With his sister’s life hanging in the balance, he refuses to allow his passion to cost him the only family he has left.

Can he find a way to save his mate, or will he be forced to watch another claim the woman he loves?

My Review:

While I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to this series, I have to say it felt a bit rushes or off from the other books.  I did catch some errors in the text, no big deal, but I usually don’t notice that sort of thing.  I also must confess that I was a little disappointed that the bad guys didn’t suffer more.  I thought they all got off way to easy and much too mercifully in regards to how they had been treating everyone. I guess that is what the good guys do though, but still I wish Nicole could have smack her grandparents once or snapped their necks…

It was interesting chemistry between Nicole and Aaron, not as strong as the others, but still interesting.  I enjoyed the parts when Nicole and her wolf were playing with him, trying to get him to lose it.  I understand why it was cruel, but still kinda fun.  I’m glad they found each other, but still my least favorite couple of the series so far.

I spent much of this book being ticked off at the royal society that Nicole’s grandparents were a part of.  I could not believe how depraved and self-righteous these shifter’s attitudes and behaviors were.  What asses.  Hence my wish for them to suffer a bit more than they did.  I thought the resolution of Sam and Nicole’s mother was good and I’m glad that the author went that way.  Perhaps a tad anti-climatic after all the buildup, but satisfying.

I enjoyed this series quite a lot.  If the last book ever comes out for Nook I will most definitely add it to my collection.


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