Thursday Thoughts: So weak.


I have a confession.  I am so very weak-willed when it comes to bookish toys.  I ordered a new Nook on Monday.  I don’t need it, my current Nook tablet still works fine.  My back up first generation Nook still works too, along with my rarely used Kindle.  I do not need a new e-reader.  Still here I sit knowing it is on its way to the local post office to be delivered tomorrow, and all I can think about is perhaps I can call the mail lady and beg her to let me come pick it up as soon as it arrives.  Seriously.  Looked up the phone number and everything, waiting to give her a chance to sort the mail before I start my begging.  Hubby has been supper supportive, he wants to buy a new watch after the holidays and figures if I get a new toy so can he.  He told me as soon as they went on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that it was up to me.  I debated and tried to be strong, even walked out of our local B&N after playing with and drooling over the demo model.  I told myself I didn’t need it,  I would be smart and not spend money on a new toy.  We went home and I still desired the new Samsung Nook.  Then Cyber Monday comes around and they offer the Nook at the same price of $129 for one last day and it became too much to resist.  As soon as Sel got home and I told him about the last chance to get the reader, he told me “Merry Christmas” and I ordered it.  So weak.  It was my guilt over spending money on myself holding me back and I decided to give in.  I know I will use the Nook, I use my current one every single day, whether I am reading book on it or not. The main selling point for me to upgrade is the lighter weight and that this one comes with front and rear camera.  Well have a great weekend everyone and feel free to share in the comments what bookish items you can’t resist treating yourself with.


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