Month in Review: November 2014


Books read:24 (lots of Novellas)

Pages read:2930

Year to Date: 168 books (Ahead by 4)

Goal for year: 180 books

The year is almost over.  I’m torn, is this a good or a bad thing.  It is the beginning of winter, so that is bad.  The holiday season is here, that goes in the neutral column as we don’t celebrate.  Lots of time inside under an electric blanket means much more time spent reading, that is good.  I’m going to call it a wash.

Novella November went well,  I managed to clean some titles off my Nook, but also managed to download some new ones…that weren’t free.  I also caught up on my reading goal, but I got tired of reading so many short stories that I ended Novella November early. I’m open to doing this again next year, but hopefully it won’t be a desperate attempt to catch up.

No big plans for December, mainly going to work on reaching my goal of 180 books. I think I will probably make it, and might even manage to read over by a few titles.  January I plan to start Game of Thrones, and even picked up the next two books in the series.  I am wondering what the hell I got myself into, 2903 pages!!!  That is a whole month of reading in just three titles!  I’ll give them ago, but if I struggles expect them to be added to the DNF column after 200 pages.   I figured such a heavy, literally heavy, book should have a longer chance to impress me.

Well I hope you all have a Happy Holiday season and a great month of reading to end the year.


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