Monday Morning Question: Comfort zone?


Good Monday morning everyone, I’m coming to you from a cold, dark and snowy Iowa.  Gosh I hate winter.  Didn’t we just go through all this crap, the snow and wind and arctic blasts.  Spring and summer just do not last long enough… Lately I’ve been thinking about what I am going to read next year and what sort of themes I could have each month for reading for the blog.  Most of those themes will be squarely inside my comfort zone of reading, hence the name of the blog, (I’ll) Read What I Like.  I’m not one that forces herself to read books that are often labeled ‘good for you’ or even popular titles that sound boring to me. I know I missing out on so much (sarcasm people). Perhaps though, I will pick a month next year to read outside of my comfort zone.  Not sure what it will be, maybe some horror or some ‘classics’.  So how about you?  Do you tend to just read the genres and authors you are drawn to or do you often venture out and try something new?


7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Comfort zone?

  1. I use to read only in my comfort zone either fantasy or paranormal. But lately i have started to branch out and have discovered some amazing books, and also some not so great books. If I ever need a comfort book, I’ll stick to the authors I love.

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    1. That’s a good idea, if I’m not feeling it stick to what I love, but otherwise maybe try something new every now and again. Baby steps, maybe something just outside my reading zone before I try for a hard switch.


      1. I was doing that. Just some baby steps then jumping back into the comfort zone. I decided to go for a hard switch and read dark romance/dark erotic and now some of them authors have become comfort authors for me. But it did take a lot of convincing on way part to actually start one of these books.
        We readers can find new books in the strangest of ways sometimes.


  2. You probably know by now that I tend to read a little of most things. I have learned, however, that some books just aren’t going to cut it for me, and that I need to stop forcing myself to read these kinds of books. You know, the ones where you read the description and are like “Meh, that doesn’t sound like a me book”. Then everyone around you is gushing about it and you almost pressure yourself into thinking that maybe you’l like it too, even though you originally said no to it. Or maybe that’s just me, haha.

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    1. I know what you mean. You start thinking ‘there must be something to it if they all liked it’. Only to find out you should have stuck to your guns and known that you know your reading taste better then others. Still sometimes it is awful tempting. I guess I need to remember if I don’t like it I can always stop reading anytime I want… It gets annoying though sometimes when people practically tell you you are wrong, that you will love the book. Almost want to read the darn book just so I can tell them everything that didn’t work for me. Uh oh. is my spiteful side showing…

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  3. I used to read in my comfort zone as well. When I took a bunch of creative writing courses in college, my professors forced me out of my comfort zone, writing characters, plots, settings, and perspectives that was definitely not uncomfortable at first.

    I’m now open to any style, writing, reading, traveling . . . anything.


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