ARC Guardian’s Patience by Jacqueline Rhoades – 5 Stars



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Book #5 in the Guardians of the Race series: Release day Nov 15,2014

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Book Synopsis:

Short and round, she dresses like a gypsy in vibrant and sometimes clashing colors. She’s been known to dye her hair to match her mood. She does a Good Deed every day and smiles at everyone she meets. But underneath her happy-go-lucky exterior, Patience Delecourt is lonely and afraid. She’s the mouse in a demon’s Cat-and-Mouse game that’s been going on for fifteen years. Her ideal hero would come straight out of the old movies she watches night after night alone in her tiny apartment. 

Stuffy and socially awkward, Broadbent ad Sebastian, Guardian of the Race, has his vision of the ideal woman, too; tall, elegant, cultured, and well-read. But every time he meets someone who might fill the bill, his advances are met with laughter and derision. As hard as he tries to emulate his fellow Guardians; their prowess with women, their clothes, their interests; he just can’t get it right. 

He doesn’t see himself as handsome or a hero. She doesn’t see herself as beautiful or brave. Yet what they find together opens new worlds of wonder for them both. It also opens the doors to old enemies and sets off a series of events that threaten the House of Guardians and the people within it. With the credits ready to roll on their mismatched love story, Patience and Broadbent will have to find the bravery and heroism they see in each other, and decide how much they will sacrifice for love.

My Review:

This is probably my favorite series by this author, followed by her Wolvers and then her contemporary last.  I have to say becoming friends with this author has been a definite bonus to my hobby of reviewing books, we meet through my reviewing the first book in this series, and while all our interaction has been online I am delighted to call Ms. Rhoades a friend.  That also makes it a little awkward and intriguing when it comes to reading and reviewing her books.   Won’t let her off the hook as far as reviews go, still going to be honest, but I see more pieces of Jackie’s personality in the stories then I did in the beginning.

Now for the real review…  I’m torn on how to review this book.  I think it earned the five stars and I enjoyed it, but the story really wasn’t what I was expecting.  The last book went off in a totally different direction leaving Cannon’s home and venturing into another house of Guardians with Faith and Lucien.  This book brings us back home to a familiar setting and house full of characters we have grown to love.  All of that I was expecting, but Broadbent was who threw me for a loop.  Like many of the characters in the book, perhaps even Broadbent himself, I guess I had assumptions about his personality and character that were shattered when I read his story.  What is it they say when you assume…  I ended up really liking the Broadbent I grew to know and think it a fitting H.E.A for him and Patience.

Patience was the heroine of the story and I really, really liked her.  She was such fun and a refreshing change in female lead for a paranormal romance story.  She was perhaps more normal, in appearance anyway then many of the other heroines out there.  Ms. Rhoades has done this before and I love how she pick characters of all sizes, looks and personality types to weave her stories.  All too often we get stories where everyone is drop dead gorgeous and flawless in personality as well.   How can normal people relate I swear it is as bad as the photoshoping done in magazines.  Rhoades shows us that anyone can be a hero, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.  Patience, or Pinkie, has spunk and is subjected to the same insecurities that we all are.

What elements of this story made me give it five stars.  I loved the messages that Ms. Rhoades conveys in the story.  That often things are not what they seem and that sometimes what we think we want is not what we need or what will make up happy.  I love the feeling of family by choice not necessarily created, these characters all come together through circumstance as someone with little blood relatives of my own this really resonates with me. I also like the message in the book about good and evil, that things are not necessarily good or bad, but how our own actions create the evil in the world.  I like the closure that happen in this story in regards to the demons in this book, a familiar bad guy from earlier books is back in this one.  I also enjoyed the humor and getting to catch up with past characters.

Anything that didn’t work?  There was one thing, but how do I share it without spoilers….  The overly graphic scene with Grace and Broabent was a bit much for me.  When I read it is like a movie playing in my head and that is something I never want to ‘see’ again.  Ever.  In fact when I go to read this book again I will skip that chapter.  Too much information.

What do I hope for next in this series?  I would love for Col and Dov to someday get their own story, but I would also like to travel and read about other Guardian’s houses like we did in Faith’s Story.  I would also like to know more about the workings of the Paenitentia society.  I also think their issues with the Daughters of Man need to be ironed out.  Even thought most of the main characters in the world all have their H.E.A I think there are lots of potential for future stories in this world and I look forward to seeing where Ms. Rhoades takes us next.


4 thoughts on “ARC Guardian’s Patience by Jacqueline Rhoades – 5 Stars

  1. Thanks, Amy! As always, your praise and criticism are duly noted and appreciated! It’s the reason I love your reviews. – Jacqueline Rhoades


  2. Amy I love your reviews. I like and appreciate your honesty. Having had five little critters of my own, I found the birth scene pretty mild, exciting…but did not disturb me even a little. All in the eyes of each reader’s experience, I guess. I’m sure there’s a wonderful future for this great series, and like you, I look forward to more.


    1. Oh it is exciting, but wow it just reinforced my desire to remain child-free. For as much as I love paranormal and romance it is really ironic that I get so squeamish around such things. I think most people, like you won’t have a problem with it. Just a personal quirk I have…


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