Monday Morning Question: Reading Wants?


Good Monday Morning everyone,  hey look I’m actually getting around to posting this in the a.m..   This morning I thought I would ask you all what reading or bookish things you covet?  Perhaps a wishlist for the holiday gift giving season or an upcoming birthday.  What ever it may be a new book, a comfy reading nook, or a bookcase for your ever-growing collection of to or have read titles.   This weekend hubby and I went to B&N and I got to play with the new Samsung Nook tablet in the store and I kinda really want one now.    I’m torn between the 7 inch and the 10 inch.  The larger screen might be nice, but I’m used to the smaller one with my current e-reader and there is a significant difference in price.  If they were closer I might just say screw it and go for the 10 inch, but I’m thinking cheapness might win out and go with the smaller yet just as nice 7 inch.  I could make some sort of lewd joke about it’s not the size but what you do with it, but will refrain…  Anyway,  already owning three e-readers one might ask, do you really need another one, but those people would promptly be kicked in the shin and receive the stink eye.  It is only a matter of time,  this year my hubby is pushing for a watch for his ‘gift’ (we don’t celebrate the holidays) and is all on board with me getting the cheaper 7 inch reader if it means he can bring home the watch he is coveting.  So it is only a matter of time, as when it comes to bookish things I really want I have no will power and that’s alright we as far as vices go it’s not too bad a one to have.


Oh yes!  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  I am giving away an e-copy of Jacqueline Rhoades upcoming new release Guardian’s Patience.  Click on the this link or the giveaway tab on the right to go enter.  I’m so sorry, but U.S. Residents only,  I wish to continue to travel freely around the world…  Good Luck!


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