Thursday Thoughts: Bad Week


I’m having a bad week and really haven’t felt like doing anything.  Least of all blog or read or interact with people.  That last one really should be I shouldn’t be allowed around people, I’m not a pleasant person right now.  The source of the little black, or huge black, cloud hanging over my head…the election.  I’m a Democrat and it wasn’t a good night for us.  I’m angry, tired, depressed and quite frankly terrified of what the Republicans are going to do with their new found power.  I predict dark days to come.   Anyway, before I drive off too many more readers from the other side with my political meanderings.  I’m just going to step away from the blog until I have something to share with you all.  I’ll be back, probably this weekend as I have an author event that I’m working on for next week.  Until I am going to go hide in my little dark corner of the world and lick my wounds until I feel better and get out of this funk.  It might be a while…like two years.


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