Monday Morning Question: Reading Habits



Alright so I know it isn’t technically morning anymore, but I was busy with fall chores and yelling at political callers and didn’t get around to posting this morning.  Anyway…Welcome to another Monday Morning Question.  This morning I am stealing the idea for my question from those participating in the BookBlogWriMo.  They were to share about where they read today and I thought it sounded like a good topic, so I stole it.  Where do you like to read?  How do you like to read?  What type of environment?

Personally my two favorite spots to read are my couch and my bed.  I have a tender tailbone and sometimes sitting hurts, so I do a lot of my reading laying down with a book propped up on my belly. I’ve had people ask how can you do that without falling asleep, well when you spend enough of your free time laying down instead of sitting you just get used to it. I do have a cosy little reading nook that I created in my living room, but need to get a cushion to make it a bit more comfortable.  Until then the cats have taken it over and I’m afraid it could be quite the fight to get my space back…either that or they will just sit on my lap while I try to read…   I will read most anywhere though, but do need it to be quiet.  I get distracted by ambient noise so doctor’s offices, trains, airplanes, etc make it difficult to get into a book.  I find myself reading the same page over and over again.  I have been known to carry earplugs with me though and that usually takes care of the problem.


Being tomorrow is election day and I am a poll worker…I would like to encourage everyone to get out and VOTE!  Democracy is a process and part of that is participating when it is time to select our representatives.  It just takes minutes and is so important.  Remember no talking politics in the polling place and NO ballot selfies to post on Facebook.  Its illegal.


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