Monday Morning Question: Cheating on books?


Good Monday morning everyone!  I hope you all had a good weekend full of plenty of hours spent between the pages.  Confession time, today’s topic is perhaps a little lame.  I am in the middle of a book and debated even writing a post this morning, but had to work on another post for the end of the week so figured I should put something out today too.  After all I haven’t posted a review in a few days, finished a book, but it needs to wait till Friday to go live.

This weekend I also brought home a new book, and promptly forgot about/left/stopped reading, my current book to dive into this one.  So this morning I ask you, will you stop reading one book in order to read something else?  Oh sure, we can always read two books at once, but as I have posted about before I don’t like to do that.  I read one story then start the next, only occasionally reading a non-fiction with what ever story I am reading.  I’m not a fan of switching worlds, makes it too hard to keep the rules straight, for example can vamps in this world go out in the sun or not kinda thing.  Anyway…I will apparently cheat on my current read with a book I like more.  Perhaps it is more like a priority level with my favorite authors and some will automatically get bumped to the top of the reading list whether I am done with my current read or not.  I felt a little guilty in starting my shiny new book, that I made a special trip to B&N to pick up and even paid FULL PRICE for in hardcover.  Quite honestly I thought I was going to finish it in a day, that is why I interrupted my other story, but the weather was lovely this weekend and we got the yard ready for winter, so it will end up being a two-day read.  Then I will be back to the story I set aside or cheated on with my new book, hopefully the characters won’t notice my absence.   Perhaps I’ll need to bring them flowers to make up for my infidelity.



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