ARC Horizon by Keith Stevenson – 3 Stars


Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Release date: Nov 1, 2014

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for a honest review.

Book Synopsis:

Thirty-four light years from Earth, the explorer ship Magellan is nearing its objective – the Iota Persei system. But when ship commander Cait Dyson wakes from deepsleep, she finds her co-pilot dead and the ship’s AI unresponsive. Cait works with the rest of her multinational crew to regain control of the ship, until they learn that Earth is facing total environmental collapse and their mission must change if humanity is to survive.

As tensions rise and personal and political agendas play out in the ship’s cramped confines, the crew finally reach the planet Horizon, where everything they know will be challenged.

My Review:

While I didn’t find myself getting totally engrossed and swept away by this story, I did enjoy it.  There was just something about it that kept me removed from what was going on.  The pacing, the descriptions, or maybe the main character.  It was an interesting story that I am glad I read, but  I didn’t love it.

So lets start with what I did enjoy about the story.  I liked the questions the story brought up more than anything.  I liked that this story set in the future humanity was still grappling with the same petty problems, only now they had global consequences that could no longer be ignored.  It was a pretty grim prediction of human nature, but I fear probably an accurate one.  This book is going to make people think about the real effects of our current course if we do not try to get along and work together or take care of our home. The technological advances were interesting too, especially how humans were able to interact with technology.  This is a thought-provoking story and I hope people read it for that alone.

What didn’t work for me.  I think the story could have been expanded.  I wished there was more information about life on Earth and how history got to this point.  There is a chart at the end, but I think a companion book or prequel would be nice to help set the story better.  I was confused a bit to how the countries and governments were now broken up.  We do get a good idea of what happen to the Earth, but the context was lost a little bit.  I would have also loved to spend more time on Horizon herself.  They went so far and so little time was actually spent discovering this new world.  Granted I think this was more a study of human nature and character then a space exploration, but still a little more time looking around would have been nice.

I was satisfied with the end, like I said I would have liked to read more about this story set before Horizon.  It is a good story, interesting, but wish it had something more.


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