Monday Morning Question: Why Review?


Good Monday morning everyone…. I’m blogging to you while exhausted, so please forgive my half-hearted attempt to entertain and engage you in this post.  Last weekend hubby and I attended our Alma mater’s homecoming, go Yellowjackets!  It was three days of too little sleep, too much bad (for you) food, reminiscing, five hours of shopping at an outlet mall, tons of walking and all topped off by a horrible hotel room and a four-hour drive (each way).  I’m doing good to have my eyes open today.  Too old to live like a college student anymore, still miss Graceland University and am looking forward to next year’s visit when we return for hubby’s 20 year reunion.  Anyway, it was a busy weekend so you know what that means, no reading.  Bad book blogger.  Had an interesting conversation with an international student while there about my hobby, book blogging, and why do I write book reviews to share with others.  So this morning I ask: Why do you review books?

For me I started writing reviews to keep track of what I read, likes and dislikes; authors and series I wanted to continue and those I didn’t.  I also get excited about reading and when I find a book I really love I want to share that with others.  I also enjoy talking about reading and helping others develop their own love of books.  I like the challenge of finding the right book for any reader and nothing pleases me more than when anyone tells me that they loved a book I recommended for them.  I started off small, just writing short review on Goodreads, and eventually signed up for read-to-review programs.  I learned that indie authors were willing to give you copies of their books just for writing a short review.  This all sounded like some sort of amazing scam to me.  Free Books?  Hell yea, I was on board and wondered what the catch was.  Well the “catch” was sometimes you are not going to like the book and need to still write an honest review for something that didn’t work for you.  It can be kinda awkward, but still worth the price of admission I thought.  This year I decided to take the plunge and start my own blog.  I came up with a name, quite clever if you ask me, Read What I Like, and now it has been more than half a year and I am still at it.  I hope that you all enjoy my reviews, but I will probably still write them even if you don’t.  I have enjoyed becoming a part of this community and look forward to all the books and review to come.


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