Thursday Thoughts: Novella November.


I was going through my Nook yesterday looking for short stories and novellas to read so I can catch up, seven books behind, and make my reading goal for the year.  I found twenty of them just in new free downloads alone.  I’m thinking there might be many, many more on not only my Nook but the Kindle as well.  I was wondering how I could work this into the blog and wallah I came up with Novella November!  For the month of November I am going to work on cleaning off all of those Novellas, defined as 180 pages or less, from my e-readers.  This is going to mean a lot of reviews coming in November.  I will try to combine them into multiple review posts so I don’t clutter up your news feed or in-boxes.   I may also read a few full length novels in the month, but my focus is going to be mainly on novellas.  I will try to add to the post where I got the novella and how much it cost, I’m thinking most of them were free.  So for the rest of the month I am going to work on clearing out three ARC reviews and a couple of other titles and then come November it is Novella time.  Maybe I can even reach my reading goal early this year!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Novella November.

  1. I’ve always ignored novellas, but I still have Nook credits to use from all the various settlements. These have been hard for me to use because I really don’t like not having the physical books. I’m thinking maybe I should check out a few novellas though!

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    1. That sound like an excellent idea and a great way to use up the credits. Most of the ones I’ve downloaded are free, but I bet you get quite a few for little $.


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