Top Ten Tuesday: Read book will travel!


Welcome to another contribution to the wildly popular blog meme, Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This week they ask us to share: October 14: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real).  I’m going to try to select places that I have not been to before.  So for instance Dan Brown’s Inferno takes place in Istanbul, in part, so I’m going to leave that one off my list even though I plan to go back and visit the locations in the book.

10 Places I want to visit thanks to books I’ve read:

Real Locations

  1. New Orleans:  Many, many paranormal series, including my favorite Dark-Hunter world are based in New Orleans.  Because of that I have had this city on my to-visit list for some time and it was a toss-up between there and Minnesota for my 40th b-day vacation pick.  I went with Minnesota mainly cause I didn’t want to visit the South in August….  Some fine spring or autumn I am going to talk my husband into visiting this city and I can scope out all the places Ash, Nick and the rest of the Dark-Hunters call home.
  2. Washington State:  Don’t shoot me, but I liked Twilight.  I credit it with opening up the world of paranormal books to me.  I also like trees and nature and the locations described in the book appealed to me, so someday I hope to visit.  Also helps that I have a friend from College that lives out there that I wouldn’t mind seeing too.
  3. Italy: This country has been on my list since college (former art major), but reading Dan Brown’s books and some paranormal ones too have given me some locations I definitely don’t want to miss.
  4. England: Much of The Discovery of Witches or All Soul’s Trilogy was set in this country.  I especially want to visit Oxford’s Bodleian library where Diana and Matthew met.  The whole Harry Potter series being set there is another reason that country made my list too.
  5. New York City:  Much of the Blue Blood’s series was set here along with some other series.  It would be fun to visit this city at least once and imagine the worlds I’ve only been able to picture in my head.

Fictional Locations

  1. Hogwarts:  I know this one is going to make plenty of lists, so why not add it to mine too.  It would be so much fun just to explore the campus of this magical school.
  2. Ichidian Universe:  This is the universe where Kenyon’s League series is set.  Now I don’t want to visit it during a war-time, but this would be a very cool place to see if it was real.
  3. Atlantis God Realm:  Didn’t know the name of this and couldn’t find it when I Googled, but basically the place where Acheron and Styxx call home in the Dark-Hunter world.
  4. The Galaxy:  As in the world or universe created in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  The books are so outrageous and crazy that it might be fun to visit.
  5. The Ever-After:  This is the demon realm in The Hollows series.  Now Al was my favorite character in that world and I think it would have been fun to explore that dimension if you were powerful enough to stay safe.

There you have my list.  Look forward to reading your travel destinations.


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