Monday Morning Question – Wish List?



Good Monday morning.  Another weekend of little reading, I am again six books behind…  This weekend’s drama was thanks to Tracfone and the fact that they could not make my smart phone work despite having over 1000 minutes and six months of service available.  Think come March I might be done.  Alright vent session done.  Last week I was trying to come up with something to post for Thursday Thoughts.  Recently I’ve read and reviewed a book by my favorite author that was very kid-centric in the plot line.  Not really my cup of tea. Got me thinking though about my wish list for a story I would love to read, or just more details I would like to see in the types of books I read.  So this morning I wanted to ask you: What would be your wish list for the perfect story or the type of story you want to read and haven’t found?  Perhaps somebody out there knows just the story just for you. Feel free to share your story wish list in the comments, mine are below.

  • I want to read a romance story where the lead characters DON’T want to have kids, and don’t end up with them.  Sure lots of people love kids, I don’t.  Surely there can be a romance book written for someone like me who leads a child-free lifestyle.   This is part of the reason I love vamp books (sometimes)  in some worlds they can’t reproduce.
  • I would also love to read a paranormal story set in Turkey.  Istanbul is a magical city with tons of history and would be a great place to set up some vamps, angels or some other paranormal creatures (well Weres might not have enough room to roam).  The entire country is dripping in many different cultures histories and is just a little exotic.  Please somebody set up a world based there. Plus, perhaps I’m a little bias, but there are some pretty hot Turkish men!
  • I’d like to read more paranormal/romance where every one of importance isn’t beautiful or the leads don’t find everyone attractive.  How about more realistic looking characters.  I bet we will still find them interesting, after all this is print don’t we all just insert our own faces anyway.  It is the personality that counts and keeps you turning the page anyway.

Well I guess my list is short.  Thought I had more wishes, but I guess not.  How about you?  What wishes do you have for a story you have yet to find?


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