Thursday Thoughts – Random facts.


I’ve not done a Thursday Thoughts post in a couple of weeks, haven’t had an idea and all too often they end up sounding like a Monday Morning Question (so I save it for then).  Today I thought you might find it interesting to learn a little bit about me and therefore might better understand my reading tastes.  Or not, but either way its my blog so I’ll post what I want…  So here are some random facts about me, my life, my personality etc.  Hope you enjoy.  Have something in common, feel free to share in the comments.  Love the post idea, feel free to steal it for your own blog.

Randomness about Amy

  • I’ve been married for just over 19 years to new author Selatin Softa.  We meet at Graceland College, now a university, he was an international student from Bulgaria.  We were set up on a blind date when the girls in my dorm found out I had a crush on him,  been together ever since.
  • I lost both my parents very young, my mother at age 12 in a car accident, and my father when I was 20 to complications from diabetes.  Some of my early reading choices were from my mother’s book shelf in an attempt to keep her in my life.
  • I have three cats, a dog, a horse, two llamas, six sheep, ten chickens, four peafowl, three guineas, and one turkey.  The turkey and one of the cats I consider my best friends, besides my husband, and I spend a tremendous amount of time with them.
  • I am a HUGE Trekkie,  I have seen every movie, and every episode of every series that has been made.  I am secretly trying to convert my husband into a Trekkie from the dark side (Star Wars fan) by getting him to watch the old shows on Hulu during the weekends.
  • I have been to Turkey seven or eight times.  Hope to return next year and would love to someday live in a small community along the Mediterranean Sea there and do something in the tourism industry.
  • I have always loved vampires.  I remember watching some Saturday morning cartoon about them and loving the made for tv movies about them.  I also loved pirate movies, but have yet to get into reading about them yet.  I do have a title or two on my Nook, so maybe someday.
  • I am a strong liberal.  That is all the politics that will ever be posted on my blog.  I promise (fingers-crossed).
  • I once stepped on a nail, while working in a pasture, and it went through my entire toe.  I went to lift up my foot and I was nailed to a 16 foot long board that was hidden in the grass.  I put my foot down, stepped on the board with my other foot and pulled my nailed foot off the board.  Had to walk back to the house, because of course this was on the back of the property, and waited for half an hour for my husband to get ready to take me to the emergency room.  X-rays showed everything was fine, no broken bone and no stitches needed, but still makes me cringe to think about having to pull that nail out of my toe.
  • I can shear a sheep.  Takes me 45 minutes (if they cooperate) and I use a pair of scissors.
  • I have lost a total of 220 pounds in my life.  Keeping most of it off too, damn you vacation weight…
  • I joined a bowling league this year and I kid you not am the absolute worst bowler there.  You would think a person would get better, but I am somehow managing not too.  My average is so low they couldn’t use the chart to figure out my handicap and had to do the math…
  • I am childless by choice.  Never wanted kids, never plan on having kids, not comfortable around kids, and that’s alright.  It is the way I’ve always been, as a young girl I didn’t play with dolls, now stuffed animals on the other hand.  Plenty of them, which may have something to do with the long list of critters above.

Well I think that is plenty for now.  If you have any questions or want to share your own randomness feel free to do so in the comments.  Hope to have a book review for you today or tomorrow morning.  Happy Reading…


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts – Random facts.

  1. Great post! I think it’s fucking awesome that you own llamas. I love llamas, they’re brilliant creatures! And yeah, I’ve been a vampire fan ever since I started reading for fun. I’m also really getting into pirates, but I’ve only read one pirate book to this day.


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