Monday Morning Question: Winter reading?


Good Monday morning everyone.  I know it is technically fall, although it sure doesn’t feel like it, we had SNOW this weekend.  SNOW.  Oh how I hate winter.   Anyways  there is only two good things that I can think of when it comes to the frigid  hell that envelopes Iowa for far too many months of the year (yes I know many have it much worse) and that is it kills off all the bugs and my reading time increases due to the hibernation I enter as I attempt to stay warm under an electric blanket.   So this morning I was thinking about my plans for this winter season of reading and thought it might make a good question this week.  So what are you goals, plans or books you are looking forward to reading this winter.

Myself I am going to attempt to read A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and if I can get through that one I might read the entire series.  If that one doesn’t work for me I am thinking of taking a month-long challenge of reading a book/story a day.  Of course these are not going to be long novels, more like 80-150 page novellas.  It would also be a great chance to clean off some of the free titles on my Nook and Kindle.  I might also dedicate a month to reading only library books, there are many titles we have gotten in at work that I have yet to check out.  I have also toyed with a month of YA reading, again to catch up with titles we have gotten in at work so I can make recommendation to patrons.

So there you have some of the ideas I have been coming up with for my winter reading and blogging.  What about you? What are your reading plans for winter 2014/2015?


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Winter reading?

  1. I HIGHLY recommend the audiobooks! I failed at reading Game of Thrones, but I’m close to finishing Clash of Kings via audio, and I’m still enjoying. The gazillion names are a lot easier to remember when characters have different voices.


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