Month in Review: September 2014


Books read:12

Pages read:3054

Year to Date: 130 books (behind by 4)

Goal for year: 180 books

Where the hell has this year gone!  I swear it was just April like two weeks ago…  Only three months left and 50 books left to go.  I need to average just over 16 books each of these months to make my goal.  I think next year a goal of 150 or fewer books is going to be my pledge.  I’m sick of the pressure and always being behind.  Like I tell the kids in the summer reading program; you (I) can always read over your (my) goal.

I have almost caught up with all my review request books, right now I have four to read.  Two novellas, which will help me catch up, one vamp novel, and another cookbook.  Blogging for books didn’t have any fiction titles I was interested in, but did have a book on slow cooker Indian food recipes that look intriguing.   Maybe this time I will actually get around to making some of the recipes.

Still working on some things for my husband’s book.  He finished the grammar corrections with the help from a retired teacher, Christine Gilroy.  Thank you to Christine for all the hard work, help and expertise she contributed to my husband’s project.  We have now ordered the new copies for his two signings and I need to get my butt in gear making the posters.

Reading goals for the end of the year are going to be simple.  Catch up and make my reading pledge.  I am going through some of my books that have been sitting on my physical and Nook to-read shelves and think I am going to tackle some of those.  I am going to try to go easy on the book requests, unless something catches my eye.  I am also easing up on my book buying ban, not going to go crazy, but there is one or two books I am going to let myself get.  Willpower, thy name is not Amy…

Well that’s  it for this month.  We are in the stretch for the end of 2014 and I am all depressed about the coming winter.  Maybe keeping in mind that it is my prime reading time will help.  Doubtful  I really hate snow and cold.   Happy October everyone.


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