Monday Morning Question: Mood and Reading?


Good Monday morning everyone.  Kinda crabby this morning so be forewarned…  It seems like I have gone through a phase of DNFing books, Did Not Finish for those of you who may not know.  I’ve noticed that I tend to go in cycles, and some weeks it just feels that almost every book or every other book I pick up I DNF.  Some times I write a review some times not.  I’m wondering if I’ve gotten picker or if it is related to my mood, remember where I said I was crabby.  I’ve been down this week and I’m thinking it may have led to the latest round of book rejections.  I seem to have little tolerance for crap this past week.  I know other times it is that I have been busy and have trouble committing to time to get into the book and lose interest.  And yet again there are other times where it is a matter of having finished a really good book and nothing seems to measure up.

For the books that I did finish I am also afraid I might have been harsher in my reviews had my head been in a better place.  Oh sure I should probably wait to write those review, but I hate putting them off.  I finish a book and write the review before I start the next one, usually within half an hour or sooner of putting the title down.  I read too many books that are similar in plot to wait, also I just plain read so much that if I wait a few days I’m going to be off in a new world having forgotten what went on in the last.  Hence why I never wait to write my reviews.  If the publisher asks me to hold  a review until a month or couple weeks before release date, I wait to read the book.

Wasn’t I supposed to ask a question in here somewhere?  Oh yes…How does your mood affect your reading?  Does a bad attitude reflected in your reviews?  Do you find yourself DNFing titles like me?  On the more positive side, does a good mood make you more lenient?


One thought on “Monday Morning Question: Mood and Reading?

  1. My mood definitely affects my reading habits. Sometimes even if I enjoy a book, I will DNF it just because I feel “meh” about reading. I try not to let my mood reflect in my reviews, but it is difficult sometimes.

    Great post!


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