Monday Morning Question – Annoying?



Good Monday morning everyone. Hope you had a full weekend of reading as we mourn the end of summer…  NOT a fan of fall. Sure its lovely, but to me it only signals the coming of winter and that spring is much too far away.  This weekend I did mange to finish up a book and post a review, mainly because I told my husband to ‘go away’.  Often when I post a review I go through the others on Goodreads to see what others thought of it.  For my latest read the reviews I found were chock full of my biggest review pet peeve.  Something I find so annoying that I usually won’t read the review and have to close the page.  What is it?  It is those damn moving graphics that are usually a clip from a movie or tv show that stand in for some expression the author of the review wants to convey.  (It pains me to include them, but here are some examples).




Now static images don’t bother me, but these moving ones are just distracting.  As bad as the moving ads on the side of most web pages meant to catch your eye and make you clip on what ever computer virus they want you to download onto your machine.  I think I could even tolerate one or maybe two of them in a review, but the posters that seem to love them always include half a dozen or more right there muddling up my computer screen full of annoying emoticons.

So there is what I find annoying in a book review post.  What about you?  What do you compare to nails on a black board making your skin crawl and driving you away from reading what could be a great review?


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