Thursday Thoughts: New Job



Good Morning everyone, thought I would get a quick post in this morning before I need to head out the door.  It seems as though I have a new job.  It is an unpaid position, although I working on changing that…  I am now the secretary/publicist/proofreader/graphic artist/website designer/and social media guru for my husband and his new book.  Hmm, somehow I don’t remember applying for this these positions.  I’m happy to help him, but we are going to have to work on this not being paid part.

Now as an indie author with only his first book out Sel isn’t making enough money to hire a staff to do this work for him, and he really does need help as all this is new to him(and me).  So I’m thinking I should be paid in books.  Not his, I’ve already read that one…twice.  I’m thinking instead of a book buying ban I will just earn my books through the work I do to publicize Crack in the Curtain.  So my first assignment I’m working on is getting 100 likes for Sel’s Facebook page.  So this morning my wonderful followers I’m asking you to help a book addict out.  Head over to Facebook and life my husband’s page!  Click here or the picture below to jump over and like Selatin Softa’s Author page.  Thank you!


Help this sad woman earn this book. Like Selatin Softa’s author page over at Facebook.

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