Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Underrated Series I Enjoy


Welcome to another contribution to the weekly blog meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week they ask us to share a top ten list on various topics this week they ask us to share: Top Ten Underrated Authors or Books in X genre.  My first approach to this list was to find books where I went against the grain and give high star rating to books most people hated.  Nope.  That won’t work,  most of the books on my Goodread’s read list that I rated high have a 90% or higher approval rating.  I’ve decided to just list ten series that I enjoy, but don’t see on many fellow blogs being reviewed or are on my friend’s to-read lists.  So here are ten series I enjoy that you might too.

  1. For Love of an Angel (The Fallen Warriors #1)  The Fallen Warriors Series: This is a fun steamy Angel series that loves a good cliffhanger.  Each title is pretty short and tends to leave off right after something huge happens.  There was a lag between book three and four so I somehow missed the release and now there are two more books for me to read, going to need to set some time aside to get caught up in this world.
  2. Accidentally in Love with...a God? (Accidentally Yours, #1) Accidentally Yours Series:  This is now a finished series I believe, and I have the last three titles yet to read.  It is a fun, sometimes silly, action packed world that I recommend to lovers of paranormal and supernatural books.
  3. Fury (The Cure, #1-3) The Cure Series or Serial: This was an amazing Sci-Fi read that I found through Net Galley.  The next books have yet to be released but I am anxiously awaiting them to find out what happens next!
  4. The Charmer (Darklands, #1)  Darkland Series:  I believe this was a free or really cheap indie series I found for my nook.  It was amazing and I wish the author would have continued it.  Kinda a different paranormal read about shifters.
  5. My Love Lies Bleeding (Drake Chronicles, #1) Drake Chronicles: Yet another series that I lost track of, see the benefits off waiting until they are all out.  When you have to wait so long for a book to come out sometimes you forget to go back and finish the freaking series.  This one is a YA paranormal series about vampires.  It feels similar to other types of books out there but still enjoyable.
  6. Preston's Mill (Hidden Mountain, #1) Hidden Mountain Series:  This author is better known for her two paranormal series, one about vamps and the other on shifters.  Her contemporary romance series is just as delightful though.  The characters are relatable, the action well paced, and I adored the small town atmosphere the author captures in this world.
  7. Past My Defenses (Taming the Pack, #1) Taming the Pack Series:  There is only one book out in this series so far, but once the author published another it will definitely be added to my to-read list.
  8. Delirium (Debt Collector,  #1) Debt Collector Serial:  These are very short sci-fi reads, but really well done.  They are perfect for devouring in an afternoon.  It is an interesting world the author has created and I highly suggest lovers of this genre give this one a try.
  9. The Society of S (Ethical Vampire, #1)  Ethical Vampires Series:  There are only three books in this series and I really wish the author would hurry up and write more…  It is a different take on the vampire series and the world comes up with some interesting rules for the vamps to live by.
  10. State of GraceResurrection Trilogy: Another book I have only read the first one of but plan to continue after my book buying ban ends.  Liked the time traveling elements in this paranormal world.  It doesn’t feel like a typical paranormal book so don’t let the genre scare you off, it is really more of a time traveling romance.

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