Monday Morning Question: Authors you know.


Good Monday morning everyone.  Welcome to another addition of my blog meme Monday Morning Question.  This week is going to be dedicated to my husband here at Read What I Like.  He recently self-published his first book Crack in the Curtain, and I am going to be posting some blog entries around it this week starting with my next post, my review of his book.  So I thought it would be appropriate to ask you all how you handle reviews of Authors you know?  Do you even review books of people you know or is it something you choose not to do?  How do you handle those reviews if you do?  Do you think you are easier on them because you know the author or about the same?

Personally I do review books of people I know, or know online at least and call friends, or in today’s case family.  I also try to remain as honest as possible and share what I liked and what didn’t work for me, the good along with the bad…  I will fully admit though that the review is probably not going be unbiased,  how could it be.  You know the person, sometimes you even got to help or watch the story come together.  So I hope people do take those reviews with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t mean they still are not valuable.  If you are honest and give valid reasons for you opinions of the piece it can still help others decide is they want to read the book.  Knowing the author might make me a little more conscious of how I word my review and in turn a little more nervous about sharing them.  Knowing that the author is definitely going to read the review puts the pressure on you a little bit more.  Full disclosure my husband did get to read today’s review before I posted it.  I told him I wasn’t going to change it if he didn’t like it, but I wanted him to read it before it went live.  Luckily he did approve it, even if there is a whole paragraph he wishes I would cut out…

So how about you?  Do you review books from authors you know?


One thought on “Monday Morning Question: Authors you know.

  1. Yes, I do, but I try to be honest. I don’t ‘trade’ reviews and I rarely do requests, but if I meet an author I like, whether on line or at a convention, I’ll buy and read their book and if I have time, I’ll write a review. I don’t have as much time for reading as I’d like anymore, but I do what I can to support other Indies.


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