Thursday Thoughts: Writing


As I might have mentioned my husband wrote a book and I helped him work through some dialog and fill in some plot holes in his story.  I also talked him into cutting some seriously cheesy parts, you know anything that made my eyes roll or was blatantly inspired by a movie I could name.  Personally I have never thought of writing a book.  A lot of book bloggers do, but I never thought it was something I could do. Helping Sel with his project has me thinking maybe I could.

I’m not sure of the exact quote, Google let me down in my searches, but Stephen King said something along the lines of if you want to write you must read.  I completely agree with this, most of my favorite authors tend to be big readers as well.  When I read some of these new authors for review I can often pick out which ones have read a lot and sometimes even what authors they enjoy as well.  It comes through in their stories. Not a rip-off of other works, but you can definitely see the inspiration.

So if reading a lot is one important aspect of what makes a good writer I think I have that down pat.  I am definitely a reader, and through my reading and reviewing I have learned a lot.  I have learned what makes a good story, what can bring it down, what elements it needs in order to be successful, for the genre’s I enjoy at least.  I have also seen through some of the books I’ve reviewed what not to do, so thank you to all those stories I DNF or gave one star to, so my reading through them was not in vain.

So what is stopping me? I just don’t know if I have the technical skills needed to build a story.  I rely much to heavily on spell check, and I know my sentence building skills are not very good.  Also writing dialog scares me a bit, not up to date on all the rules for that and afraid of sounding cheesy.  The biggest problem though is that I don’t have a good idea for my own world or story.  I have read so much paranormal that it would make sense to write in that genre, but that is part of my problem.  I have read so much of it, how would I ever come up with something that isn’t a blatant rip-off of another person’s work.

I’ve been thinking about it though.  My brain is itching, wondering if I could come up with something other people would enjoy reading.  I’m going to let it sit there and stew for a while, Sel is going to need my help learning the ropes of social media, set up his own website and promoting his self-published story.  I also promised him a review and author interview here on the blog next week.  I will also be giving away a signed copy of his book, so keep an eye out for that.

What about you?  Any of you fellow book bloggers out there secretly yearning to become a writer?  Have you written your own story?



2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Writing

  1. I think I know what quote you are talking about. I just wrote a post on it. (Assuming it’s the same one.) “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” This it?


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