Month in Review: August 2014


Books read:15

Pages read: 2495

Year to Date: 118 books (behind by 1)

Goal for year: 180 books

I would like to know just where the hell summer went?  It can’t be September already.  Need to look at the good new/bad news.  Bad: winter is just around the corner and they are predicting another bad one. Good: My reading will start picking up as I spend more time inside.

Speaking of good news.  My husband just about ready to self publish his book!  He has worked very hard on this project for what feels like forever.  I’ve read the book and plan on reviewing it for my blog, it will be an honest review too.  No special favors just because we sleep in the same bed.  He knows my opinion already, so it shouldn’t be a shock to him.  I am going to withhold star rating because even if I do plan on being honest there is no way I can not be bias.  It is an important story to be told and I hope it does well for him. I am also going to be doing an author interview for the book and give away a signed copy.  So look for all that coming sometime this month.   I also will be helping him set up his own sites, but the book on Goodreads, get it up on other sites (B&N, Smashwords, etc), and create a Facebook fan page.

So what about my plans for reading in September?  I hope to finish up the Chicagoland Vampires series and then start clearing off some books on my in-house to read shelf.  I am continuing my book buying ban so I will be working at that for a while.  It’s getting easier to accept.  I cheated a little bit last month when I was waiting on books.  I cleared off six short stories/novellas to get caught up on my reading goal.  Still one book behind, so perhaps it didn’t work as well as I planned.  One book is better than seven though.

Well need to get going, husband is home today and I’ve already had to yell at him twice to go away and let me post.  So have a great Labor Day everyone.


9 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2014

      1. Exactly. I hated being six books behind so I cleared off a bunch of novella on my nook. I know they are technically books, but it always feels like cheating somehow.


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