Monday Morning Question: Favorite Author?


Good Monday morning everyone.  This post is going to be a quick one so I can get back to helping the husband on his book project.  This morning I ask you: If you could only read one author’s books ever again who would it be?  Now this is a hypothetical question inspired by some commercial I remember seeing as a kid, promoting Mormonism I believe.  Still I thought it was an interesting thought.  We all have our favorites and some of us tend to stick to a genre or select group of authors that we know we enjoy.  Some of you are more adventurous and will read anything put in front of you.

If I had to pick only one author to read ever again or even a shorter time frame like a year, I would pick Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Hands down, no contest.  She has several long running series in a few different genres and even under an alias.  I would have a nice selection of titles to pick from and am going to almost be guaranteed a good or great read. I love her Dark Hunter world and all its spin-offs, enjoy her Sci-Fi series, The League,  and want to try her Belador series written with another author.  I would even like to try her books written under the name Kinley MacGregor, especially since the Lords of Avalon is somehow connected to her upcoming release, Son of No One.

So you have my pick,  how about you?  Which author would you select if you could only read one author from now on?


One thought on “Monday Morning Question: Favorite Author?

  1. AHHH!! Why must you ask, this, the most impossible of questions?! However, after giving it some thought, I’d have to say my “desert island” author would be Tamora Pierce. I’ve already read most of her books set in Tortall multiple times, and I haven’t even started on her other fantasy novels. I could read her over and over and never get tired of it!


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