Thursday Thoughts: Waiting…


Waiting is something all book lovers know all to well about.  We wait for release days, we wait for sometimes years for that next book in a beloved series to come out, we wait for a book to be returned to the library or to borrow it from a friend.  Waiting and reading go hand in hand. Today I am trying to patiently wait for a kind library to send me the next book in the series I am currently reading so that I can freaking find out what happens next!  I should have planned it better and requested the books sooner.  I usually do, but title #4 was read much quicker than the previous ones and I thought I had more time to wait.  THIS is why cliffhangers suck, so frustrating.

So while I am waiting I’m going to try to clean off some of the titles that I requested for review.  I also might seek out some stand-alone titles or clear off some of the novellas on my Nook. Maybe I will even catch up!  Still six books behind…  What I am NOT going to do is start another freaking series.  I will resort to non-fiction if I have to in order to not get wrapped up in another world. I like to binge read my series, and this one has quite a few books out already so I really don’t want to get mixed up in a new world with a whole different set of rules.

How about you? What do you do when you are waiting on a book?


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