Monday Morning Question: Waffling?


Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope your weekend went well, much of mine was spent out in the chicken coop trying to swipe baby birds from their pissed off protective mom to cuddle.  They are so cute and doing well.  So back to books, I’m currently on the third book of the Chicagoland Vampires series, which I’m waffling over.  So this morning I ask you do you ever waffle over continuing a series?  Its not that you hate the series, its just that you really are not that into it.  Do you give up? Do you continue on hoping it will get better?

This series I’m currently waffling over has come highly recommended from others and has good reviews, but I’m just struggling to continue.  I don’t hate it, but I’m kinda indifferent about it.  I’m not liking the direction it is taking and I am having trouble rooting for the lead character.  I like some of the supporting characters and the world in general, and even the love interest is growing on me, but I find myself looking for other things to do besides picking up the book.  I am still seven books behind and need to get my reading in gear to catch up. This book isn’t helping.  I did request book three and four through ILL and want to read them since these other libraries were kind enough to send them to me.  Sigh I’ll stick it out, but the series needs to pick up and the two lead characters need to do some series growing if I am going to request book five…


8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Waffling?

  1. If you recall, I recently made the decision to give up on House of Night after agonizing about it for months. Pretty sure I only had 3 or so books left to read too. The decision was greatly freeing, and it felt good to take the series off my list. Life is too short :)

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    1. I agree it can be so freeing. I just feel guilty when I borrow library books through the mail and then don’t read them. Library budgets can be so tight and they don’t charge me anything for sending them. There are some others I am thinking of liberating myself from continuing though and may need to do some cleaning of my to-read list. I stopped House of Night too, but only after 4 or 5 books too.


      1. It’s called Inter-library loan. So if a library you belong to doesn’t have a book you are interested in you can ask if they can get it for you, though this program. They borrow it from another library that has the book and then call you when it comes in. You go pick it up and have it for as long as the lending library says you can keep it, usually 4 week. Return the book to your library when done and they send it back. Great program, lets a library expand their collection with little cost. Both libraries get credit for the check out too. So I guess they do get something out of it too.


  2. I know what you mean, I’ve started some series (though they are not usually more than a trilogy) and I’ve just decided meh, I can’t continue… Even though I’d already bought the next books XD These days I don’t have enough time to read as much as I want, so when I do a want to be reading something I’m really enjoying :)

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