Not Books, but something else to crow about!

DSC03420So excited this morning just wanted to share everywhere, I have babies!  Baby peafowl that is.  I have a mated pair of peacock and my hen has been sitting diligently on four eggs for a month now and this morning I went out and found them hatched.  Here is the story I shared on my Facebook profile.

BABIES! We have 4 healthy (hopefully) little peachicks. Went out and found mom on the floor, climbed up and checked the nest and there was one damp baby up there. Picked it up and took it down to mom and asked what happen to the other three, all the eggs had hatched. Got her to stand up and and found two more then had to hunt for the last one. Climbed back up to the top of the hay, 7 feet up, and began looking. Heard some peeping to my right along the inside wall of the corn crib and thought damn. Climbed down and walked around the wall and searched for the peeping. Sure enough I found it, the last baby had fallen down between the hay and the wall. Never so thankful they were all in a corn crib as now. There are openings between the boards, so the corn can dry, just wide enough that I can get my fingers through. I poked around enough and found a little squirming body that started peeping like crazy. There was a knot hole just above the little guy, big enough for me to slip most of my hand inside and I was able to push the little chick up into my fingers from below and reunited it with mamma. Need to go out and make a ‘safe’ or safer area, maybe something like a play pen for birds, just someplace mom can keep them corralled. I’m looking at the coop with new eyes and it is NOT a very safe place for these babies. Mom is doing fine, taking care and making such sweet sounds to her little brood. BABY Peachick, so thrilled waited a long time for my own hatch!


So that’s all sorry for the non-book related post, just very excited this morning…



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