Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying habits


I might have covered this topic before, but due to the fact that mine are about to change I thought I would discuss it again.  I’m giving up buying new and used books from any author, even my favorites…and it hurts.

Last week John Deere, who employs my husband, laid off over 400 people in the Quad-Cities, here is an article about it.  Fortunately my husband was not one of the people who received notice.  This did serve as a wake up call to us, and we probably would not have gone on vacation had we known this was coming.  We are currently evaluating our expenses and cutting back on things that are not necessary, although I did just join a bowling league for 30 weeks…, to build up our savings in case things do not improve soon.  Anyway.  My husband has given up somethings he enjoys, that I won’t share because I know he wouldn’t appreciate it, and I am going to give up buying books.  Really I don’t need to buy new books, I have a Nook, Kindle and bookcase full of unread titles that would take me more than three years to get through.  I am also a member of two libraries, can join more, and have access to all libraries in the State of Iowa though Inter-Library loan.  I DON’T need to buy books.  I have access to any book I want through these means.  I haven’t even mentioned all the books I can get to review for free through Net Galley and other programs I belong to.

Still it hurts.  I can give up pretty easily impulse buys that I come across at library and garage sale, although those quarter book probably won’t break the bank.  No it is those new releases from my favorite authors that are hurting me.  The ones that I collect like Sands, Kenyon, Harrison, Ward, Sparks, and even Jones.  I can think of three titles coming out soon that I was going to buy; The Witch with No Name hardcover-$20.24/Nook-$12.99, Son of No One hardcover-$17.06/Nook -$14.99, and Seventh Grave and No Body hardcover-$19.44/Nook-$12.99.  If I bought all of these books new I would end up spending between $56.94 and $40.97.  With the chance that John Deere potentially laying off more workers in the future these are expenses that I can’t justify.

So here I sit, knowing it is the right decision and that it doesn’t mean I will never read these books I love.  It will just take longer to have access to them for free through a library. But still it sucks and I’m frustrated about it.  We are fortunate thought, and really it is pretty awful of me to be bitching about not being able to buy books when 600 John Deere employees are now without jobs.  My husband and I are lucky, we do have some savings and he still has a job, but we need to be better prepared for uncertain times.  Winter is coming and last year propane shot up to $5 a gallon last year, who knows if it could happen again this year.  What if something else goes wrong.  Buying books should not be a priority and I need to get over having to own these books.  Still sucks…


After writing this I went to my B&N account curious to see what I spent in a year on books for my Nook.  While I was pleased to see that most of the ones I ‘bought’ were free titles, I did spend $179.63 on e-books last year.  I then decided to try and figure out how much I spent on print titles and for the ones I know I paid full price for it ended up bumping the amount spent to $264.91.  If I take in consideration how many books I picked up used through garage sales, library sales, or used book stores I’m thinking I probably spent around $350 to $400 on books last year.  While not awful, it should have probably gone into our savings…  Feeling a little guilty, but I know my hubby spent more then that in an area he needs to cut back in.


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