Monday Morning Question: Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog?


Good Monday morning everyone.  Must confess I’m not feeling it this morning, so I am relying on one of my questions that I thought up a while ago and have saved for morning just like this.  This morning I ask: Have your reading habits changed since you started blogging? How? This question mainly applies to my fellow book bloggers, but if you are not one of them feel free to share how your habits might have changed through reading book blogs.

For me I’m more conscious of how many books I’m reading a week, how many reviews I’m writing. I also think my reviews have changed as well.  They are much more detailed and definitely longer, I’ve leaned a lot from reading all of your reviews. I also pay attention more while reading and know quicker when a book isn’t working for me.  I’m also noticing more of the structure and clichés that authors sometimes use.  I also know I am a sucker for free books, and will request way to many for review through Net Galley.  I’ve had to set up some rules for myself in that regard.  I am also more conscious of when I’m not reading, especially when I’m behind in books like I am now.

The blog is fun though, and I’m surprised at how much it feels like a job at times.  Perhaps I’m making it harder than it needs to be, but I’m enjoying it.  If it ever becomes a job that is no longer fun I will probably stop requesting books for review and cut back in how many books I pledge to read.  I’m glad some of you enjoy reading my thought as well.

Well as I said I’m behind, need to get off the computer and put in some pages.  I have an ARC book that I’m working on and while its good, the text is very tiny on my nook and is slowing me down…


One thought on “Monday Morning Question: Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog?

  1. I’ve definitely done a lot more reading this year since starting my blog than in years past. But at the same time, I’ve been EXPOSED to SO MANY books I never would have seen before without my blog.

    I agree, blogging sometimes feels like a job. I recently found myself cringing every time I needed to write a review, and stressing over whether I was reading fast enough to keep up with my blog. So I took a step back and noticed I’ve been solidly posting 4x a week for a while now. My main goal for the blog is 3x a week. So for a while, I’m going back to only 3x a week. It’s really helped me lighten up about it again!

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