Thursday Thoughts: Behind again!



Oy!  I’m 8 books, well 7 now I finished one today, behind!!!  I go on vacation for one week and this happens.  I either need to stop pledging to read so many book or not go on vacation.  I didn’t read a damn thing while away.  Oh well.  I’ll catch up. I have several novellas to read for review and I’m going through an anti-social phase and plan on staying far away from people for a while. Society and interacting with the public at large has left a sour taste in my mouth recently, which has only reminded me that I need to escape into books more.  People are asses for the most part and I’m done interacting with them outside of work. Even social media has turned in my esteem and I’m seeing the appeal of my husband’s philosophy of shutting the hell up and not sharing.  Books are my friends, books are my sanctuary, escape and comfort.  My stories are the safe place I need right now to recuperate and lick my wounds from recent people related trauma I’ve experienced.   So 7 books behind, no problem. I’ll catch up and regain my peace in the process.


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