Monday Morning Question: Books you save?



Good Monday morning to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation and reading.  This week’s post comes to you from the past, as I am scheduling this back in July,  you see I’ve escaped again.  Husband and I are off on our vacation to Northern Minnesota.  Hopefully we have survived 12+ hours in a car together (our first long road trip after 19 years of marriage), and I will have fresh non-scheduled posts for you next week including at least one book review (fingers-crossed).  I will also be responding to all comments any of you may leave for me then.   Anyway as I spend my day fishing or hiking or just sitting on a dock reading I ask you: What books would you save if your house were in danger?  Be it a fire, flood, or any other possible disaster where you would need to evacuate and want to grab some precious belongings along with pets and perhaps a spouse oh and children if you have them…

For me it would be a tough call.  There are so many I would want to save, but the are books, I can get replacements (note to self: take pictures for insurance purposes). I’m thinking though I am going to limit it to all signed books and my Discovery of Witches series.  So far I have a total of Seven signed books; two by Harkness, one J.R. Ward, one Ann Brashares, one independent author I can’t remember and two non-fiction signed by Clinton and Obama (Hey I live in Iowa going to take advantage of that first in the nation status every four years).  It might be helpful if I relocate all these books to the same location, time is of the essence in an emergency and I won’t have time to go room to room gather books along with cats (they will be more difficult to keep in a box), but I like the system for housing our library the way it is.  So if I can only pick three books, cause now way in hell am I getting out with fewer,  it would have to be the two Harkness and one Ward book.

What about you?  What books would you save in an emergency?




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