Month in Review: July 2014


Books read: 8

Pages read: 2962

Year to Date: 103 books (behind)

Goal for year: 180 books

Welcome to my second Month in Review post.  I’m still working out the kinks, so excuse the formatting changes and I figure out how I want it to look.


I knew July was going to be a tough month.  The summer reading program was winding down at work, I had a week to devote to working at the fair, and I was going to be re-reading two big books in this month.  What I didn’t expect was to get sick during fair week.  It wasn’t anything serious, thank goodness, but I did run a fever off and on and felt too crummy to even read for a couple of days.  I also am getting ready to go on vacation, so there has been more busy work then usual at home.  I managed to read eight books, which is more then I thought when I went to go count them.  Still I felt like I could have done better, so I decided to see how many pages I read and instantly felt better.  Three of the books I read were big, their counts adding up to the typical number of pages for two books I would normally read, so while I’m down in number of titles I’m actually up in page count from last month.


This month my goal is to catch up and get a nice buffer so I stop worrying about being behind in my pledge.  The garden is doing poorly, so I will not be canning as much this year.  I am also going on vacation, but still hope to read one or two books while away.  We were going to listen to an audio book on the drive, but those plans have changed.  Our power outlet in the car stopped working so I have no way to charge my phone, which I was planning on using to play the audio book through the car radio.  We will just have to listen to music.  Other exciting new for August is that my husband hopes to self-publish his first book.  Some of my reading time in July was eaten up by reading and finding plot holes in his book.  He is going to find some other readers and go over it once more with me too.  He hopes to publish sometime in August and when he does I will be posting my own review, minus star rating, and share all about it with you all.  The book is good, not a typical read for me, but an important story to be told and I’m excited for him.

Well that’s it for this Month in Review.  What goals do you have for August reading?  Share them in the comments!  Happy Reading.


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