Monday Morning Question: What makes you DNF a book?


Good Monday morning afternoon…  Running a little late today.  Today I thought I would ask you all:  What makes you DNF (did not finish) a book?  Whether you agreed to review it,  a recommendation from a friend, or just something you came across and decided to try.

I seem to go through phases where I will hit reading spells that it feels as if every other book, or more, are DNF’s.  Sometimes this happens when I finish a book I am really into, the following ones just don’t measure up or keep my attention long enough to stick it out.  There are some triggers though that increase the likelihood that I will DNF a title. Here they are:

  • Being in the head of a character that doesn’t like themselves.  I can not stand this.  They don’t have to necessarily love themselves and I don’t want cocky, but the constant inner monologue that is negative or down on themselves gets tiring real fast and will often lead to me putting down a book.  If they don’t care for themselves why should I?
  • Over describing everything.  I’m talking about counting the leaves on a tree over descriptions here.  Often time when the author takes so long to set the scene the action is moving way too slow to keep my attention.
  • Overuse of strange slang.  I don’t want to have to take the time to decode each and every sentence that I read.  Some is alright, but don’t go overboard.
  • Being in a character’s head who is rude and insulting to everyone she meets.  Sometimes this is just an author’s failed attempt to use sarcasm or wit but failed and it comes out condescending or turns the lead into a bully.
  • Inappropriate sex.  I’m not talking about setting down 50 Shades or books like that, but if there is an adult having sex with a minor or a overly detailed masturbation scene I’ll DNF a title, and have in those two very examples.

I know sometimes readers get turned off by poor grammar, but it has to be pretty bad for me to even notice, so that usually isn’t a deal-breaker for me.  Neither is insta-love which happens quite often in paranormal/romance books.  Sometimes though it is just a feeling I get when reading a story that makes me DNF.  I’m just not enjoying it or I keep checking how far I’ve gotten and how much is left, then I know that book just isn’t for me.  I usually make up my mind pretty quick though, if I’m not into it by page 50 I’ll put it done, page 100 if I’m really trying.  How about you?  What makes you DNF a book?


One thought on “Monday Morning Question: What makes you DNF a book?

  1. Over describing is a deal breaker for me. As is taking forever to set the scene. Get on with the story already. Or dialogue that is cliche. I began Mira Grants zombie series and could barely get through the first book. Great story but the dialogue was just brutal.


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