ARC Silver Wolf Clan by Tera Shanley – 2 Stars

Silver Wolf Clan


Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Book 1 in the Silver Wolf Clan Series: Release date 8/4/14

I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.

Book Synopsis:

Loving him will be legendary…if she can survive it.

What happens when monsters turn out to be real? One summer night while camping in the woods, Morgan Carter finds out in a big way. A tall mysterious stranger, Greyson Crawford, risks his life to try and save her sister from the vicious wolf attacking their camp. When he’s bitten and disappears into the night, Morgan can only assume the worst.

Greyson shows up a year later, and he’s a different animal altogether. His eye color shifts constantly and the rumble in his throat sounds more animal than human. She hasn’t any idea where he’s been all this time, but a good guess as to what he’s become.
Grey is determined not to let the darkness of his new existence affect Morgan and the little girl in her care. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Morgan but knows he should stay away and let her live a normal life. That’s easier said than done, though. A new danger pulls him from the shadows to keep her safe, and he’s no wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Can she accept what lurks just below his surface? More importantly, can she survive him?

My Review:

This novella wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the synopsis.  I thought that it would be told mainly from Morgan’s perspective, or have more of her in the book, but it didn’t quite work out like that.  Much of the story was told from Greyson’s POV and for the first third of the story Morgan was noticeably absent.  Not a big deal, but not what I was expecting.

This was a quick read for me and for the first half of the book I felt like I was missing out on a lot of what was going on.  The story jumped ahead in the timeline at odd intervals and it often took me a bit to figure out how much or even that time had passed.  One moment Grey was unsure of the pack the next he was an unofficial member.  It would have been nice to read a bit more about the bonding that went on between them all.  We could have learned more about the rules in this shifter world along with Grey.

Once Morgan comes back into the picture the timeline starts moving at a more regular pace, but again I still felt as if I was missing parts of the story.  When Morgan finally meets the pack we learn of whole conversations and decisions they made in their relationship after the fact.  It might have been nice to have been shown rather then told about them.

I did like the characters and the world seemed interesting, I just wish there had been more there.  I could see the chemistry there, but just wasn’t given enough to bond with the characters.  The action was well written, but some other scenes were a little convenient at times.  The series has potential, but I’m not sure if I will be continuing on.


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