Thursday Thoughts…Happy 40th Birthday!


Welcome to the new blog meme; Thursday Thoughts.  The topic will be what ever bookish or non-bookish thoughts that are floating around my head each week.  This Thursday its my birthday!  Turning 40 today, so I thought I would share what gave to myself and what I told my husband to get for me.



First up is the gift I gave myself!  I created my very own reading nook.  The office in our house is my husband’s domain, the living room mine.  So I took a corner of my room, brought in an almost comfortable chair (needs a cushion) and picked up an ottoman added some throws, a side table and lamp and wallah a reading chair that the cats have claimed as theirs…  If I want to sit and read in peace I have to lock them on the other side of the pocket doors.  I do love it though and only need to find a peacock picture to hang in front of the curtain to make it perfect. (click on picture to see it larger)







This is10541854_10204204778061105_8387532953540538164_n what I let my husband count as his gift to me, The Book of Life by Harkness. Last of the All Soul’s trilogy.  I must confess I’m not ready for this series to end.  I’m not.   Once I saw it on the shelf it hit me.  This is it.  After I finish this book no more adventures or romance to look forward to with Diana and Matthew.  I am still only half way through book two, damn virus, and I am so loving my time in this world.  Sure I can always go back and re-read it, but there is nothing like reading something for the first time.  Hubby tells me there are going to be plenty of great books I’ll love in my future.  He is right of course, but I’m not ready to let go of this story yet.  I want to savor every single moment, and NO SPOILERS.  Will not even be looking at the book’s Goodread’s page or any other reviews of it until I finish.  If I could create a little bubble for me to read it in I would.  Perhaps I have with that reading nook.

Well that’s it.  Hope you have a great day.  Happy Reading!



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