Throwback Thursday Review: Guardian’s Grace by Jacqueline Rhoades


Greetings everyone!  Not sure how much longer this meme is going to be able to go one.  I’m running out of decent length reviews to share.  Will need to think of some other meme to post each week. Open to suggestions! Weekends Bookish Confessions?  Favorite Quote Friday?

This week I thought I would share a review of the first book I read by Ms. Rhoades.  I must confess this book lead to not only finding a talented author whose books I enjoy it also lead to a new friend!  I volunteered to review this book through a group on Goodreads for an honest review.  I wrote this review back when I was just starting out with reviews over on Goodreads, hence it being so short…  Reading this old reviews has been interesting.  I’ve changed and opened up in sharing what I think.  I’ve always been a wordy person, sharing way more than necessary,  but I was so nervous in the beginning.  Afraid people were going to call me out for not knowing what the hell I was doing.


Guardian's Grace (Guardians of the Race, #1)


Cover art thanks to Goodreads, click on it to visit book’s page there.

Book 1 in the Guardians of the Race series

Read from September 18-20, 2012

Book Synopsis:

Grace Masters always wanted a family she could call her own. Of course, in her imagination it didn’t include a pair of rambunctious and affectionate twins who can turn into killers within the blink of an eye or an aging vampire who has trouble controlling his thirst. She never expected to find a friend and mentor in a three hundred year old witch who looks like Sophia Loren. And she certainly never dreamed – okay, she dreamed but never thought it would come true – of a tall, handsome hero who would sweep her off her feet. Yet here she is, in an old Victorian home, living and loving under the cover of night.

Who knew that the source of her lifelong torment was really her gift as a Daughter of Man or that this gift could be controlled and used for something good? Who knew there was another race called the Paenitentia who live side by side with humans? Who knew that demons were real?

Grace certainly didn’t until one fateful night when her world falls apart and comes together again in a place where she finally feels she belongs. Sometimes a person just knows when something is right and destined to be. Sometimes convincing someone else of that fact is a little more difficult. Canaan ad Simeon is that someone else.

Canaan is Liege Lord to a House of Guardians whose job is to protect the Race from a demon threat many no longer believe in. Already breaking away from the outdated traditions that are depleting their numbers and threatened by a hierarchy resistant to change, the last thing Canaan needs is to fall for this innocently sexy Daughter of Man. 

But fall he does, with a mixture of comedy, drama and sexy fun that will touch your heart.

My Review (wow it’s short):

Received a free copy of this book for an honest review. Honestly it is the best written and with the most well-developed characters in a book I have received for review. I love this new world that Ms. Rhoades has created. There was a bit of everything in this book; steamy hot romance, humor, drama, and plenty of action. I totally fell for Grace and Canaan as well as the rest of the crew who inhabit the house. I couldn’t wait to see what happens next, so I bought the next two in the series before I finished this one. They are a steal for the price listed on Barnes and Nobel for a book this well written and with a great plot. There were a couple of spots in the beginning where you would jump from one character’s head to another’s and it took you a minute to figure it out, but that isn’t such a big deal and gets better as the story develops. To me most new series and authors take a bit to get used to is all. Loved the book, thank you for the opportunity to read and review. To others I suggest give it a try, especially if you like J.R. Ward, Kenyon, Alexandra Ivy, Lara Adrian or Laura Wright


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Review: Guardian’s Grace by Jacqueline Rhoades

  1. Wow! That is a blast from the past! Yes, it was short, but it was sweet. It was my first book and I was terrified to put it up for review (Reviews still terrify me). You’ll never know how much that bit of encouragement meant to me. Thanks for the reminder.


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