Monday Morning Question: What are your favorite re-reads?



Good Monday morning everyone!  To everyone in the States I hope you had a good holiday weekend.  We went back to my home town and watched the fireworks.  The year is quickly passing and I am still ahead with on my revised reading goal, which is great cause I have a few weeks here that are going to eat into reading time.  I decided to start a painting project, the dinning room is going yellow, and next week is the county fair.  Just over a week til the release of The Book of Life by Harkness, so this week I am going to start my re-read of book one and two in preparation.  So this week I ask you: What are your favorite re-reads? Is there a story you keep going back to?  How many times have you read your favorite read?

Generally I have not be a big re-reader.  There was this book in grade school, can’t remember the title, that I read several times, but since then it wasn’t until I re-read the Twilight series (3 times, don’t judge). That I started re-reading titles.   Last year I re-read the entire Dark Hunter series before reading that year’s release, Styxx.   I have also re-read The Discovery of Witches when Shadow of Night came out two years ago.  Other then that I haven’t read many books more then once.  In order to justify owning so many book I have decided to pick one of my series each year and re-read it.  My husband is another story, he will read the same books over and over, and just parts of the book.  Keep telling him there are plenty of other books out there he would enjoy too, but he keeps going back to those stories he loves.

So how about you?  What is your favorite re-read?  Do you re-read or are there too many different stories on your to-read list you can’t spare the time?  Have a great week everyone, happy reading!



4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: What are your favorite re-reads?

  1. I have never been a re-reader, other than re-reading Twilight once. It’s something I want to do more of – I have so many favorites on my shelves and have every intention of re-reading them someday. My fear is that I won’t have the same feelings about the books as I did the first time. you can never get back that magic of reading a book for the first time, and I guess that’s always my hangup. I also have so many new books hanging over my head that I feel like I can’t make time for old favorites.

    Do you really enjoy the Harkness series? I have been contemplating giving it a try.


    1. First off I LOVE the Discovery of Witches series. So good, Matthew is my favorite book boyfriend! Love how the author weaves real history into this magical story. I highly recommend!

      I totally get what your saying though, about not feeling the same. I’ve found with long run series it is nice because often there are so many details that you didn’t pick up on in the first read. Sure it might change for you a little, cause you’ve read a lot and lived since reading it the first time, so you’ve changed as a person. I also get the time commitment. Especially now that I have books that I agreed to read and review, how can I justify taking time to re-read something. Going to make time though, this year’s re-read is a favorite. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. I definitely plan to read the Discovery of Witches series now. You’re the second person today to recommend it to me! I have all of the books, I just haven’t made the time.

        I need to stop feeling guilty about new books, and just read or re-read books I want. I commit myself to too many and that’s where I get myself into a bind. :)


  2. I do re-read books and series. What I feel like re-reading tends to change with the day. The way I look at it I would never visit with a good friend just once and books are like friends. I would never consider spending time just once with a good friend, I would also never consider spending time with a book just once. Kind of also the same as a good movie. Do we re-watch movies? Then why not re-read books.

    As for what I like to re-read, it really depends on my mood. As a little girl, I was always checking out the book Especially Sisters by Fern Powell or the Little House and Nancy Drew books. Now I am thinking that maybe I need to re-read one or more of those childhood friends.


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