Month in Review: New Meme!


Decided to have a new meme for the blog. This one is going to be just monthly and I will go over the previous month’s reading and share what goals I have for the next month with you all.  Excited yet!  I thought so…  I’ve already done recap posts, but being a lover of categories I now have a new have a space to assign these posts.  I will try to keep these posts to the first of the month, mainly so I can justify using the picture I created with a one in it…


So here we are, waving good-bye to June and half the year along with it!  It’s not fair, I love the warmer months and winter never passes as quickly as spring and summer.  Before we move on to July lets summarize June.  I managed to read 15 titles this month, better than I expected.  Sure some of theme were ‘cheater’ novellas, but I’m counting titles not pages.  Doing well on that front though too, 26352 pages read this year so far by good reads, spread over 95 different books.  Not bad for the half way mark.  I did post this already, but if you missed it,  I  lowered my reading goal from 200 books to 180 titles.  I’m still going to shoot for as close to 200 as possible, but the being behind was really getting to me.  As we tell our participants of the Summer Reading Program, you can always read over your goal.

Now for July.  My favorite month of the year.  Might have something to do with my birthday right around the corner on the 17th, books are always a nice gift…  There is also the Fourth of July my favorite holiday; love the fireworks, cooking out and parades!  I also work at our county fair during fair week.  It is a lot of fun,  I am on a committee with a great group of ladies and we run the creative arts entries and exhibit (quilts, cooking, crafts, knitting, woodworking, photography, etc)  It is held in the town I went to school in so it is also a great week to see old friends.  So there are lots of non-reading reasons I love July.  Reading wise, the book I have been waiting for for two years comes out in 15 days! The  Book of Life, book 3 in the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness release date July 15th (I know what I’m getting for my birthday).  So this month I have decided to do my series re-read for the year.  I am going to read books one and two of the All Souls Trilogy before I read the last book.  There are a couple of review books I have signed up for, including my first cookbook review.  There wasn’t any fiction books that looked interesting over at Blogging for Books, but they had this cookbook on Thai food that looked promising.  July is going to fly by with so much to do, I’m not sure how much reading I will get done.  I am going to set a goal of 10 book this month and hope to do better.

Well that about cover it.  I look forward to sharing my reviews and reading all of yours.  Happy reading everyone!



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