Monday Morning Question: How has reviewing/blogging changed you?


Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Not bad here, spent some time with the hubby celebrating his birthday. We spent some time in town and too many hours watching Star Wars…  I’m a Trekkie, but married a Wars fan.  So for his Birthday we had a Star Wars themed weekend.  Got him a bunch of Yoda stuff and we watched the first three films, which were the last three made.  I’ve decided I’m not a fan.  Too much bothered me about the films.  Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them, but I got to thinking and wondered if my new hobby of reading and reviewing has made me more critical of any type of Story, or perhaps more willing to go on social media and bitch about what ever I don’t like.  Sorry to my Star Wars friends over my posts this weekend…  So this morning I ask: How has reviewing books and/or blogging changed you?

I’m finding that now that I review what I read, and even more so now that I have a blog, I’m thinking more about what I’m reading while reading.  I’m not just getting swept up, or not, by a story.  I’m thinking about what is and isn’t working for me.  Some of this could just be cause I’m reading way more books they I ever have before in my life, but maybe not.  I’m starting to understand elements of a story more then I did before.  I notice cliches more and sometime are bothered by them more then I used to.  I also think I’m getting better at recommending books for others. When I’m reading now I often think oh so-and-so should try this, but this person will hate this story.  I’m paying more attention to my friend’s and patron’s taste and am better at suggesting titles for them.

I’m also more willing to DNF a book.  Time is short and my reading list too long to put up with something that isn’t working.  I do realize more then before that most of the time it is just me.  Unless the book is really, really awful there is a reader for it out there somewhere.   Which is why it is very important to not get personal in your reviews, and don’t attack.  Just share what you didn’t care for and leave it at that.

I also think this critical thinking about things is bleeding into other areas of entertainment too.  This weekend I was pretty opinionated over my thoughts of the Star Wars films.  I’m not going to go into what I found wrong in all the films,  really bad dialog, but I wasn’t afraid to share my opinion all over Facebook.  So this review and sharing has made me more confident then I used to be.  Before I might not like something, but I sure as hell wouldn’t have shared it.  Through this new hobby I’ve learned that my opinion is valid and I’m not afraid or ashamed to share it anymore.  If you disagree, great!  That is why it is so wonderful that there are so many different types of stories, be it movies or books or tv,  there is bound to be something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Well I’ve rambled on long enough.  My pasture is currently flooding and I should probably get out and check on fences.  I also need to do a monthly round up of my reading.  So how about you?  How has blogging and/or reviewing changed you?


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: How has reviewing/blogging changed you?

  1. I have a wound in my soul left there by the last three Star War films that were made. George Lucas raped my childhood. I loved Star Wars and the first three movies that were made were absolutely pivotal in my development. Jar Jar Binks is an abomination. Sorry, this doesn’t answer your question. I’m going to write a post about this.

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    1. Look forward to reading it. I controlled myself and being that Star Wars is a movie, not a book, I thought I probably shouldn’t dedicate a whole post to pointing out all that I found fault with in the movies…


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