I relent…

…after much thought and consideration I’ve decided to alter my reading goal for the year.  I just don’t think I am going to make 200 books.  So my new goal is going to be 180.  Still a respectable achievement if I make it.  I will still strive to get as close to 200 books as possible, but this new goal is going to make me obsess less over the whole goal thing.  My record for reading in a year is 156 titles, so this is still a challenge.  Perhaps some year I will be to the point where I can read 200 titles in one year, but I’m just no there yet.  I have noticed that my reading pace has improved over the years, so with practice I will get there.  Just thought I would share, didn’t feel right to change my goal and not tell the blog followers.  So fingers crossed that I will get as close to 200 books as possible and blow that 180 out of the water.  Happy Reading!


9 thoughts on “I relent…

    1. …180 is more a statement about my social life than anything else. Working in a library, though, I’m always blown away by how many of our patrons read faster then me even. But at any number it really only matters that we are reading!


  1. I read slow. Painfully slow. And my wife reads so fast I accuse her of not enjoying or retaining what she is reading. She either ignores or gives me piece of candy and makes me play outside.


    1. I think I really like your wife John. My husband reads slow too (and often accuses me of the same). I tell him its alright he’s still pretty, and then make him guess how many titles I’ve finished this year so far.


    1. Congrats on being ahead! I’m looking at it like we tell our participants of our library’s summer reading program; make it challenging, but remember that you can always read over your goal.


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