Monday Morning Question: Why do you read what you read?



Good Monday morning everyone!  Over the weekend I noticed a lot of buzz (see how hip I am…) over something some fool wrote about how adults should not be reading YA.  Reminded me of a few weeks ago seeing some posts about how a different fool wrote an article about how the romance genre was nothing but trash fiction and should be done away with and the people who read it are all idiots.  Okay, I might be paraphrasing a bit…  As a reader of both types of stories I, like many of you, ended up with my nose in a bit of a snit over these people’s opinions (and that is all those articles are some idiot with a keyboard sharing their opinion to draw attention to themselves).  After three hours of weeding my garden while contemplating how I feel about said fools I thought I would make it the topic of my Monday Morning Question this week.

So I ask you: Why do YOU read what you read?  Be it horror, contemporary, romance, YA, non-fiction, sci-fi, what ever it is.  What draws you towards those types of stories?  Do you have criteria for what you select to read? Do you tend to stick to the same genres, authors, age group?  Or do you read anything that tickles your fancy, jumping from one type of story to another as the mood strikes you?

Personally, I know I tend to read a lot of the same types of stories, but I have been known to attempt or venture out of my comfort zone from time to time.  My philosophy is life is short and awful enough most of the time I don’t want to read anything that resembles reality or is depressing, hence I might not be jumping all over this ‘Fault in our Stars’ bandwagon.  I want to escape.  I want a happy ending, most of the time, or I want it to be so different from reality that its okay that it is not a happy ending.  I want to read stories about falling in love, overcoming odds and walking off into a H.E.A.  I want a fight of good over evil and I want good to win, because in reality most of the time the big bad guy has all the money, the power and gets their way.  I want to read about how life should be, not how it is.  I want fun, and fluff and silly.  I want to laugh and blush and get so wrapped up in a story that I stay up to three am reading.  I also want strong alpha males, the kind of guy that you would never tolerate in real life.  Ones that sweep you off your feet and put you at the center of their universe.   Someone that cherishes their love and does everything in their power to protect them and make them happy.  I want great friendships where people support each other, stick it out and always have each other’s backs.  I want everything I don’t have in reality, and even quite a bit that I wouldn’t want in my real life.

Cause its a book, and in a book its alright to be who we are not.  It is alright to want what we shouldn’t, root for the bad guy and to find a piece of ourselves we didn’t know we had.  Stories let us escape, but they also teach us.  They help us work out who we want to be or don’t want to be.  And these stories that those fools looked down their noses at have a lot of redeeming qualities that they overlooked in their self-righteousness.  Most of all they bring joy to people’s lives.  They also get people reading, and while they argue that they are not worthy of being read or are dumbing down the populous, I think in this era of screens it is just amazing that people are just reading.  Life is a challenge enough for most us of, I don’t need a challenge every time I open a book.  Sure those literary masterpieces they are touting are important, and are still being written, but not everyone is going to enjoy reading them. A lot of people work hard enough as it is what is so wrong with them escaping into any type of story they enjoy?

The short answer, nothing.  There is nothing wrong with loving YA or romance or paranormal or non-fiction or any type of book you love.  Read it.  Treasure it. Share it with others.  And NEVER let anyone make you feel ashamed for what you love to read.  Ever!

My name is Amy and I love paranormal book, romance books, young adult books, science fiction books, urban fantasy books, and a bunch of other types of stories you might not enjoy.  But that is the beauty of books there are so many different types of genres and authors there is bound to be a book for anyone’s taste.  So join me here and Read What I like and maybe share what you like to read as well.  Who knows perhaps we can open each other’s eyes and find a new type of story to help us escape from reality for a while…



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Why do you read what you read?

  1. My wife is a Ph.D in English. She teaches Shakespeare. When we first got together I was aghast that she read alost exclusively genre fiction. I had read some genre fiction in my youth but had long ago given up to persue heavier truths. Hahaha I was such a pompous little ass. She told me “I have earned the right to read whatever the hell I like.” I continued on reading my Big L. books which mostly consisted of the inner workings and lives of people who were dull and lifeless. Very poor story telling. Finally one day I picked up one of my wife’s books. An historical fiction novel by Conn Iggulden about the life of Genghis Khan and never looked back. I only read genre fiction now and I don’t care if the intended audience is one-eyed vegeterarian nuns, a good story is a good story. Life is short. I’ve been learning that a lot lately.


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