Debt Collector #2 & #3 by Susan Kaye Quinn – Both 4 Stars

                                                                  Agony (Debt Collector, #2)                   Ecstasy (Debt Collector, #3)

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Book #2 and #3 in the Debt Collector Serial

I own each of these books on my Nook.

Agony’s Synopsis:

Lirium tries to forget Apple Girl, but a rough collection finds him spiraling deeper into the abyss. He faces a one-way ticket to The Retirement Home for debt collectors, until his psych officer offers a way out.

Ecstasy’s Synopsis:

Lirium’s attempts to find Ophelia take him to the last place he wants to be.

My Review:

In an effort to catch up on my reading pledge for the year I decided to continue this serial series by Ms. Quinn.  These are both really short reads, Agony being only 39 pages &  Ectasy 45 pages,  so I decided I would go ahead and combine their review on my blog.  I will probably post the same review for each on Goodreads as well.

Like I said in my review for part 1 this is a different type of story.  Not just in the story being told, but also in the way it is being told.  The first ‘season’ of this serial is complete, but there is expected to be several more according to the authors site.  I think I might be in this for the long haul too.  The story is compelling and quite frankly cheap.  I just bought the next three parts in a combined down load and it was only $2.99.  They are perfect reads for in between larger reads, or when you need something to break up a slog of genre reading.  Also if you have a long wait at a doctor’s office and need something you can read in an hour or so, this could easily fill the bill.

The story has a futuristic/dystopian/sci-fi feel to it, but doesn’t bog down on technical info, so I think it could appeal to readers wanting to stick their toes into the sci-fi genre.  The pace moves quickly and each serial ends with a cliffhanger that compels you to download the next installment right away.  This is an interesting world Ms. Quinn has created and I hope you give this a shot.

Agony starts off two weeks after the first one left off and we get to learn more about the business of being a collector and see how things can go wrong.  We also meet some new collectors in this story and see more examples of how dangerous and even deadly a job this can be.

Ecstacy picks up right where Agony leaves off and we get to see and learn about the sick children that Lirium is introduced to in books one.  We also meet Madam A as we get to the bottom of what happen to Ophelia.   Also got an introduction to the seedier side of collecting.


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