Monday Morning Question: Authors you would like to meet?


Good Monday morning everyone.  I’m experiencing spotty internet coverage this morning, so I am going cross my fingers and hope I can get this typed up before I lose a connection again.  My service provider is putting in optic cable in my area and updating their equipment and other technical type things that I don’t understand this summer.  All I know is that we have been having a significant increase in occurrences of no internet.  Been a busy reading-free weekend for me, lots of catch up from being gone the previous weekend and then a tree decided to come down in our pasture…  So lucky that it didn’t take the fence, land in the road, or kill a cow, but it meant all plans for a Sunday on the couch reading flew out the window.  We spent 5 hours cutting up and moving firewood from the tree and boy does my body feel it this morning.   Trunk is still leaning over the fence, but it will have to wait for neighbors to come up with heavy equipment to lift and move it, cows though are digging their new scratching post.   Anyways…back to my question this week.  Are there any authors you would like to meet in person?


I must confess authors are my rock stars.  I follow them on Facebook, twitter (although I’m not real good about tweeting), subscribe to their blogs and on Goodreads.  I love it when they interact with fans on social media, and am always amazed when one contacts me through Goodreads in regards to my reviews.  So, yes,  there are plenty of authors I would love to meet in person, be it just to say thanks for sharing your talent, to get a book signed or what not.  For this post I am going to limit it to my top four authors I would LOVE to meet! ( click on author’s name to visit their Goodread’s page.)

  • My first pick is Jacqueline Rhoades, an independent author of three series; The Wolvers, Guardians of the Race, and Hidden Mountain.  Jackie is my first pick because she has become a good friend of mine.  Most of our interaction happens over at Facebook, but I would love to meet her in person someday.  She is a great writer and I have enjoyed all the books of hers that I’ve read.  If you enjoy any of the big names in paranormal fiction I suggest you give one of Jackie’s books a try!


  • Up next is Sherrilyn Kenyon,  I have spoken often for my love of all things Kenyon, so how cool would it be to meet her and thank her in person for all that she has written.  I know she frequents conventions and may have to make plans to attend one she will be at to fulfill this dream I have.  Of course I will go all fan girl and embarrass myself by being a fool, but it would be so worth it, especially if I score an autographed book too.  But really just being able to tell her how much I have enjoyed her work would be enough.


  • Another author that has interacted with me, briefly, through Twitter and Facebook is Darynda Jones.  She is perhaps my latest author crush, as well as her Reyes being my latest character crush.  I would love to attend a signing of hers some day and add one of her titles to my small collection of autographed books.


  • Last but in no means least is Deborah Harkness.  I already have an autographed copy of her second fiction book, Shadow of Night,  found it at a local bookstore.  I just think it would be amazing to get to meet her in person and again try to play it cool as I thank her profusely for writing the All Souls Trilogy.

So who would you love to meet in person?  What would you say to your favorite author?


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