Goodbye May. Hello June. Wait June?!

Where the hell is this year going!?  I can’t believe half the year is almost gone.  Oy and I am officially 2 books behind in my reading goal of 200 books this year.  Going to have to find some novellas to mix in… It’s not cheating….really its not.

Well lets see I managed to read 11 books this month, 5 less then in April.  I can’t blame it all on the vacation, that only put me one or maybe two titles behind.  Oh well, I’ll catch up and 11 is still a good number.  I managed to catch up some on the books that I agreed to read for review and managed to not sign up for or request a bunch of new ones.  Right now there is just one ARC title that I have in limbo right now.  I’m really hoping that I get this title, that I am not going to jinx by sharing with you.  If I get it don’t worry, I’ll be crowing about it everywhere and you will know.  Also my world will stop and I scramble to devour its pages.

So June, what reading plans do I have for you?  I would like to get caught up and maybe even two books ahead again.  I want to finish up the four read-for-review books I have committed to read.  I would also commit one week this month read some of my too long on to-read list.  If I start doing this each month I might be able to knock 3-4 titles off that list each month.  I am also going to change how I sign up for Net Galley books.  I am going to try an be pickier about what I request.  If it is a title I was already planning on reading then sure I’ll put in a request.  No more titles that are #2 or higher in a series, unless I’ve read the series already.  Some series you can pick up a later book and it will work as a stand alone, but most of the time I am not going to do the book justice with my review as I don’t know what is going on.  I just don’t think it is fair to the authors.  I have also done away with my to-read page.  I haven’t been updating it and quite frankly I got tired of it mocking me with how far behind I’ve gotten.  I am going to just pick what looks interesting rather than planning ahead what I want to read each month.  I’m going to instead select 2-3 titles over at Goodreads and put them on my currently reading list and just work on those each week.  I’ve been making this all more work then it needs to be.

So there we have it, what do you plan on reading this month?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye May. Hello June. Wait June?!

  1. 11 books is definitely great and if you’re only 5 books behind at this point, I’d be celebrating! I always tend to cozy up and read more as it gets colder out, so perhaps you have great reading coming in the fall and winter. :)


    1. I’m thinking this is the problem, too many new distractions; spring chores and such. Hope I don’t get too far off track though. Thanks for stopping by!


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