Monday Morning Question: Vacation Reads?


Good Monday Morning everyone.  I have a confession to make.  It is actually Thursday.  You won’t see this til Monday, thanks to the clever little button,program,whatever that lets me decide when this post goes live.  I am currently in the Windy City waking up to the last day of my three day mini-vacation with the hubby.  Three days walking, shopping, riding bikes, eating out, fireworks, and having fun in the big city.  After this awful winter we needed a break and change of scenery so very badly.  If you want to see some of the pictures of the trip, jump over to my instagram account and you will get to see some of them there,  the link is someplace on the side of the page.  So this week I am going to ask do you read on vacation?


Personally I always have a book with me, so yes, I read on vacation.  Sometimes I manage to even finish a book while gone, but that is usually on longer vacations.  This mini-vacation we are taking the train into Chicago so I will have time to read there and I will still read some before I go to sleep at night.  I am not sure yet what I am taking this weekend, but it will either be the upcoming Lara Adrian release or the latest Darynda Jones book.  When we go to visit Turkey I always bring several books along.  First there is the 12 hour plane ride and then sitting on a beach reading and  I will also read while visiting with family.  I know this may seem rude, but I don’t speak Turkish, many of them don’t speak English, so if I don’t have something to occupy my mind with it is often lights out for Amy as jet lag catches up with me. As to the types of books I take with me, they are usually print, but if it is a short getaway I will often bring the Nook.  If I am going to be anywhere near water, like a pool in Vegas I will make sure to bring a physical book.  I try to pick something fun and light to read.  Its vacation after all, I don’t want to be brought down by what  I am reading.

So how about you?  Do you bring books with you and read on vacation?  What types of reads do you take with you?



3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Vacation Reads?

  1. I bought my Kindle just because I was tired of shoulder bruises from carrying books in my luggage on vacation and business trips. I subscribed to Audible because it is hard to read while walking the dog. So most of my trip reads are eBooks and audiobooks. But, I still rely on paper books for a lot of research. So many great research books and writing books are not available in eBook and, in some cases, no longer in print at all. My local library InterLibrary loan program gets a work out when I’m plotting. The more books converted into eBook format, the happier my shoulders will be.
    Oh yes, and big smile on my face at this post and your “Goodreads: Currently Reading” entry in the sidebar. Big smile!


  2. I like a solid mystery, and better, one that’s part of a series with likable characters at the core. Murder in Mexico is my series of twelve mysteries set in and around the upscale expat colony of San Miguel de Allende. Artist Paul Zacher is drawn into crime investigation because ‘he might see things differently.’ Maybe it’s time for the rich humanity of Mexico to show through all the narco headlines! Ready for the real Mexico, beyond the phony news reports? Take a look at this suspenseful and often funny series, available in Print, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBook in the Apple Store. Start with ‘Twenty Centavos’ by trying a sample on my website.


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