Free Book Friday


It’s been a while since I shared any free books with you all.  Mainly because I have not been downloading them myself, so I haven’t had anything to share.  I have decided to discontinue this blog meme and just share the free e-books that I find over on my Facebook page:  Its much faster to quickly share a link there then to save them all up and create a blog post.  SO if you would still like to see what freebies I find, head on over and like the Facebook page for the blog.  I follow a lot of different pages over there and share books that I find interesting, but also ones that my friends of different reading tastes might enjoy.  I also share funny memes that I think you all might enjoy.  Sorry not quite brave enough to share the half naked men pics that a lot of the authors I follow share, but I can point you in the right direction if you need a little eye candy.  I’ll leave this feature with one more free book to share.  I recently did a review for State of Grace by Elizabeth Davies and I noticed that the book is offered free for Nook and Kindle.  So if the book sounded interesting to you jump on over and grab yourself a copy!


State of Grace

Free for Nook Link

Free for Kindle Link

Link to Blog’s Facebook page for more book Freebies!


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