Flashback Friday (Throwback Thursday one day late…): Styxx

Alright I missed Throwback Thursday, and didn’t post one last week either, so  I didn’t want to skip this week as well.  So lets call this one Flashback Friday the always late cousin of Throwback Thursday…  This week I’m not reaching very far back in my reviews and have decided to share what I had to say about Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx.   I have shared with you all, several times, how much I love this author and this book was amazing.  Reader’s of the series know that the character Acheron is a major player in this world and had a heart wrenching traumatic past, much of it at Styxx’s hand.  Styxx is Acheron’s brother and this is his story.  As Kenyon shows/tells us many a time things in her world are not always as they seem and there is no clear definition of a good or bad guy.  Only characters reacting to the circumstances they are dealt.   I think I loved Styxx’s story more than Ash’s, but to get the full scope of the story you really should read both.


Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #22)Click on the cover to visit book’s Goodread page.

#22 in the Dark Hunter Series

Read from December 16 to 22, 2013

First read: Wish I could give it 7 stars (one more than I wish I could give Acheron)

Review for part one:
Oh how I could have ever doubted Ms. Kenyon. She has more than redeemed Styxx in my eyes. Through this book running along much of the same timeline and events of Ash’s book she does an excellent job of teaching us that events in life are subject to the eye of the beholder and none of us should judge another for there is no way for us to know what they may or may not have been through. While Ash’s life and what was done to him was horrendous, Styxx’s existence was just as harrowing, bleak, isolated and awful. In some ways I think Styxx had a more painful path to follow. 

My opinion of their father did not change, nor did it for their uncle. Both of them I would like to see skinned alive for the atrocities that they put those two boys through. My opinion of their sister changed, I kinda think Ryssa is a bit of a spoiled brat and a major bitch for the way she treated Styxx. I have fallen for Styxx’s Bethany, and wish she had not suffered at Apollymi’s hand. I also enjoyed the general who trained Styxx and eventually became a surugate father for him. What happen to him brought tears to my eyes. 

Off to finish the last 200 and some pages. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. 

Part Two review:
I could not stop reading, so at 2:30 a.m. this morning I finish Styxx… I cried quite a bit, laughed a little and felt so happy to see some major assholes get what was due to them. I LOVED this book. I love Styxx even more than Ash, who was a bit of an ass through much of this book and I so wanted to smack him upside the head and tell him to straighten up… I don’t want to give too much away, because I think I might be the first of my friends to read this, oh how I wish I had someone to talk with who had read it, hubby just doesn’t care to hear anymore about it… Styxx is such a strong man and had so much crap dumped on him, that he didn’t deserve, and was neglected throughout an extremely long existence that he didn’t ask for. I respect him and my heart more than bleeds for his pain. Styxx more than any other character deserves this happily ever after and vengeance against his aggressors. This was a beautiful and very fitting story, thank you Ms. Kenyon for sharing it with us. Of course now I am done with my reread of the Dark Hunters and I am feeling a little sad that I won’t be in their world anymore, well until the next book. Having lived in their universe for 3 months they are my friends and I will miss them when they are not around. Oh I know I can reread the books, and I will again someday, but you can only read a book for the first time once and it always leaves me a little melancholy after it is over. It makes me jealous of those who have yet to read it. I hope you enjoy Styxx’s story as much as I did.



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