Monday Morning Question: Do you listen to audio books?


Good Monday Morning to you all.  After my little adventure into trying audio books this weekend I thought I would make it my question for this week’s meme.  So I ask: Do you listen to audio books?

I have some patrons at the library that work from their vehicles (mail carriers, semi-drivers, paper deliverers) and of course it feels fairly logical that they would enjoy listening to audio books while they spend their hours working on the road.  I also have people who stop in before their road trips and pick up something to listen to, and there are some people that work around their homes that I know listen to a good book.  All different types of people for many different reasons enjoy, and even some just prefer listening to a good book rather than read it.

Then there are the many different ways to get an audio book.  I highly suggest the library,  audio books are not cheap,  the library is a great way to get them without breaking the bank!  Our library only offers them on CD, but another library in the count, that I also belong to, offers them through NEIBORS, North Eastern Iowa Bridge to Online Resource Sharing, which is affiliated with Overdrive.  This is what I used this weekend to finally download a book that would play on my phone.  There is also an app/site, Audiable, which is owned by a company I am not very fond of at the moment.  I’m sure there are other options out there too, but since I don’t listen that often I am going to stick to the ones I can get for free from the library, especially now that I know how to play them.

So what do I think of audio books?  They are alright.  I don’t think I am going to be listening to them while I work on chores.  I kinda like to sing while I work and missed doing that this weekend while listening to the book.  I also think more needs to be taken into consideration when picking an audio book.  The first book I tried I could not get into, mainly because I did not care for the reader’s voice.  It just felt off for the story and he would change his voice for the different characters, which I found really annoying.  The second book I tried was better.  The books was interesting and the reader’s voice really enhanced the story, it was a much better fit.  I got two chapters into that story by the time I was done planting and decided to stop for now.  I think my husband will really enjoy the story, The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker ,  so I am going to save it for our long car ride this August.   I  did find it more difficult to picture the story in my head while listening to it.  I was easily distracted by what was around me and the tasks I was working on.   We also read faster in our head than can be done aloud, so that may have added to some of my difficulty staying focused.  

On the whole I think I will just stick with reading, rather then listening, to a book.  There will be times though, like our vacation this summer, where I will definitely pick out an audio book to take along.  I know how several of you stand on audio books, but feel free to share any thought on the topic in the comments.  I look forward to reading them.


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Question: Do you listen to audio books?

  1. You are right about the voice of the narrator enhancing or deminishing the enjoyment of the book. A book like Alas Babylon is read by an actor, Will Patton, in the television show Falling Skies and I could listen to him reading the dictionary I like his voice so much. Some people who listen to audio books choose what they listen to by who the narrator is. One thing that can be distracting is if the narrator is changed during the course of a series.


    1. I once had to listen to the first three Evanovich novels in the Stephanie Plum series for work, a patron said they were not playing right. Now I have nothing against the reader, she is a fine actress (can’t remember her name), but I could not stand listening to her read. The series is extremely popular and has been recommended to me by patrons many times, but when I try to read the story now, I hear it in the actress’s voice not mine. Ruined the entire series for me.


  2. I’ve only listened to one or two audio books, and though I really enjoyed them, it was hard to get into because my mind wanders… a lot. And when I did listen to them (usually at night), I’d eventually fall asleep, and the disk would run until it was finished with those chapters. Oh well! I guess audio books aren’t for me :)


    1. This is one of my main problems too. My husband can’t listen to audio books during his commute because they put him to sleep. You are right they are not for everyone, but if I ever lose my sight I’m going to learn to love them real quick.


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