The Evolving Soul by Linda Backman – 4 Stars

The Evolving SoulClick on book cover to visit it’s Goodread page.

ARC Copy: August 8, 2014 release date.

I received this book for an honest review from the publishers through Net Galley

I’m posting this review pretty early, but the books is not part of a series or even fiction.  I feel that my sharing the review is not going to be spoiling anything for potential readers of this book.

Book Synopsis from Goodreads:

Life continues after death. There is purpose to the struggles we face throughout this lifetime. Using information amassed from hundreds of hypnotic regression clients, The Evolving Soul shows why people often struggle in key areas of life, such as health and relationships. Dr. Linda Backman guides readers who are caught up in fear, regret, and confusion to understand that while it is important to realize and work with our life’s lessons, accessing and releasing particular past life experiences is the most important step in achieving physical and spiritual healing. Providing examples from people who have realized accelerated soul growth, The Evolving Soul also includes questions and prompts at the end of each chapter, designed to help the reader access her own soul and the lessons it provides.

Books on reincarnation and past life exploration are probably my favorite type of  non-fiction books that I read.  I have not read this author’s previous title, but I will be adding it to my to-read list shortly.  I enjoyed this book, it was a little different from the other books I have read that deal with reincarnation.  While this one did include some case studies or individual examples of specific past life regression, much of the books seemed to focus on the hows and whys of reincarnating.  Much of the books was fairly technical, but not too far above my head.  Maybe it was just that she used terms I was not familiar with in regards to the topic. She is very thorough in her explanations of different aspects of our total existence as a soul and gives us good examples to help the reader understand.

This was a fascinating read I really learned a lot.  As a believer in reincarnation I was perhaps more open to the ideas she was sharing, but many of the lessons in this book are valuable regardless if you believe or not.  I came away with a better understanding of my own life and am in the process now of reevaluating different events and choices I have made.  There is much work I need to do to let go of relationships that have ended in my current life and I hope I can move forward with a positive attitude difficult as it may be.  That is part of the beauty of reincarnation. Life is not so much about right and wrong, but about learning, acceptance and love.  Our life is essentially a classroom where we are meant to experience all different types of existence the good and the bad so that we can learn and evolve.

I appreciated the information this author shared about our soul’s existence outside of the body, or between lives.  Many of the concepts she offered are similar to ones I have read about before.  She went into greater detail than other authors I have read though.  I’m still struggling to understand and apply some of the new concepts the introduced to my own soul journey.  I will probably go back and re-read those parts or see if there is more information in her other book.  Then again perhaps time is what is needed, time to let the ideas soak in.

Karma plays a big role in this book’s explanations of reincarnation.  While I am familiar and believe in this concept  the author challenged me to think of it from a new perspective.

For people interested in past life regression, reincarnation and even karma I recommend adding this title to your to-read list.   It was an interesting take on the topic and like I already stated I learned a lot from this read.



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